What is servo controlled subwoofer?

What is servo controlled subwoofer?

A servo is essential in a subwoofer that aims to be true to the original. The benefits are clear: No voice coil thermal-induced compression or distortions. Spider and surround distortion reduced by 6 – 9 dB. Flat frequency response that is less dependent on T/S parameters.

What is Active servo?

Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology (Advanced YST) is a unique system in which the speaker and amplifier work together to cancel out impedance so the speaker unit has a perfectly linear motion. Advanced YST helps to ensure the highest levels of sound pressure and overall performance.

Are REL subwoofers servo controlled?

They are servo controlled. But I prefer the REL over the Velodyne for music. So it’s never quite as simple as one might expect.

What is a servo controlled amplifier?

Servo amplifiers, or servo amps for short, are drives that are used to power electronic servomechanisms, such as servo motors. A servo amp transfers signals from the command module of the robot, and translates them for the servo motor, so the motor knows how much it should move at any given time.

What is direct servo?

Direct Servo is a patented technology that dramatically reduces many different problems which prevent conventional subwoofers from reproducing accurately. Fig 1.0 – Direct Servo demo. The animation above shows how Direct Servo works to reproduce the most accurate bass possible.

Can you connect active subwoofer to receiver?

Connect a subwoofer through the subwoofer output (SUB OUT or SUBWOOFER) of a receiver using an LFE cable. Connect using an RCA cable if there isn’t an LFE subwoofer output or LFE input. If the subwoofer features spring clips, use the speaker output of the receiver to hook it all up.

What is a subwoofer system?

A subwoofer (or sub) is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker, which is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass. The typical frequency range for a subwoofer is about 20–200 Hz for consumer products, below 100 Hz for professional live sound, and below 80 Hz in THX-approved systems.

What is servo amplifier?

Servo Amplifiers. The GMRT servo amplifier is a three phase, half wave, four-quadrant, fully regenerative, SCR CLA for the control of permanent magnet DC brush type motors. A CLA is a device, which keeps the current through the motor proportional to a commanded input signal.

What is a servo stabilizer?

A servo stabilizer is a popular replacement for low high rating appliances used in both commercial and residential places, homes and industries that provides unmatched voltage supply to protect your fragile equipments. Servo has both single-phase and three-phase systems coming in Oil cooled and Air cooled units.