What is Schlieren optics?

What is Schlieren optics?

Schlieren optics is an optical technique that enables the user to image small changes and non-uniformities in the refractive index of air, or other transparent media; and are most commonly used to image air flows.

How does a schlieren system work?

The most basic type of schlieren system uses a straight line of lenses and parallel beams of light, where the light passes through a slit and is focused by the first lens. The parallel light beam then becomes refracted by an object in the test area and passes through a second lens.

What is Schlieren visualization?

Ae104b, Winter 2014 Schlieren Visualization to the \frst derivative in density. A schlieren setup is nearly identical to that of a shadowgraph but with the addition of a knife edge at the focal point of the second lens or mirror as shown in Figure4.

Should my schlieren system be aligned with a shadowgraph?

Remember that a shadowgraph image will be produced with zero cuto. At this point your schlieren system should be aligned!