What is RunBot?

What is RunBot?

RunBot is an ‘endless runner’ in which you control a robot that was created for combat but has rebelled against its masters and is fleeing the complex where it was created, running at high speed. The game system of RunBot is relatively similar to that of games like Temple Run.

Are RunBot’s graphics good?

RunBot’s graphics are absolutely spectacular, which is something particularly noteworthy if you keep in mind the fact that the game takes up very little space on your device. RunBot is a frenzied platform and action game that is visually spectacular and fun. In addition, it’s completely free and its free to play system is not too abusive.

What is the difference between RunBot logs and full run logs?

For some repositories explicit modules (i.e. ones, that are specified in runbot settings) are installed too Full run logs – full logs for both databases after running, i.e. when Blue and Green button are available. Logs includes cron work, url requests etc