What is rhrh-2000?

What is rhrh-2000?

RH-2000 is a system which harmonize with PC for observation, measurement and capturing image. Capability to choose function for need and to expand function when needed. *depending on PC configuration and screen resolution

Why Rosand RH2000 capillary rheometer?

The Rosand RH2000 capillary rheometer system enables controlled extrusion (by volumetric flow) of a sample through a high precision die of known dimensions, to characterize material flow properties typically under conditions of high force (or pressure) and/or high shear rate.

What is the Rosand RH2000?

Combining many advanced features associated with larger floor-standing models, the Rosand RH2000 system can be configured for research measurements through to Quality Control applications.

What are the features of the rh200s?

The RH200S also features tough and durable steel construction, spring loaded handles, soft vinyl hand grips, 4 different size nose pieces, a nose changing wrench, and a convenient handle lock for easy storage. 8 out of 10 ( 80%) reviewers recommend this product.