What is replSet in MongoDB?

What is replSet in MongoDB?

MongoDB achieves replication by the use of replica set. A replica set is a group of mongod instances that host the same data set. In a replica, one node is primary node that receives all write operations. All other instances, such as secondaries, apply operations from the primary so that they have the same data set.

Where is my MongoDB config file?

Configuration File

Platform Method Configuration File
Linux apt , yum , or zypper Package Manager /etc/mongod.conf
macOS brew Package Manager /usr/local/etc/mongod.conf (on Intel processors), or /opt/homebrew/etc/mongod.conf (on Apple M1 processors)
Windows MSI Installer >\bin\mongod.cfg

How do I initiate a replica set in MongoDB?

To reset the configuration, make sure every node in your replica set is stopped. Then delete the “local” database for every node. Once you are confident all nodes are not running and the local database are gone, start the mongod process again (of course using the –replSet flag).

How do I change my Rs conf?

To reconfigure an existing replica set, first retrieve the current configuration with rs. conf() , modify the configuration document as needed, and then pass the modified document to rs. reconfig() . rs.

How do you initiate a replica set?

Initiate the replica set. initiate() on replica set member 0. Run rs. initiate() on just one and only one mongod instance for the replica set. When possible, use a logical DNS hostname instead of an ip address, particularly when configuring replica set members or sharded cluster members.

How do I step down primary in MongoDB?

Availability of Eligible Secondaries The primary only steps down if a secondary is up-to-date with the primary during the catchup period to prevent rollbacks. If no electable secondary meets this criterion by the end of the waiting period, the primary does not step down and the method errors.

Which of the following file is a MongoDB configuration file?

6. Which of the following file is a MongoDB configuration file? Explanation: The Enterprise packages include an example SNMP configuration file named mongod. conf.

How create MongoDB config file in Windows?

Configure a Windows Service for MongoDB

  1. On the machine on which you installed MongoDB Community Edition, select the Windows Start button, then navigate to and right-click Command Prompt, and then select Run as administrator.
  2. On the command prompt window, enter the following:
  3. Create a configuration (.cfg) file.

What is hostname in MongoDB?

hostname — the IP address of the MongoDB Server and the port number that the MongoDB service uses. ▪ username — the admin user name that you created to log in to the MongoDB Server. ▪ password — the admin password used to log in to the MongoDB Server.

What does mongod command do?

mongod is the primary daemon process for the MongoDB system. It handles data requests, manages data access, and performs background management operations. This document provides a complete overview of all command line options for mongod .

Which can be used to check the replica set configuration?

To view the replica set configuration, use rs. conf() . To check the status of the replica set, use rs. status() .

How does replica set members replicate new data?

To replicate data, a secondary applies operations from the primary’s oplog to its own data set in an asynchronous process. [1] A replica set can have one or more secondaries. The following three-member replica set has two secondary members.

How do I change the configuration of a MongoDB replica set?

Replica Set Configuration — MongoDB Manual Replica Set Configuration ¶ You can access the configuration of a replica set using the rs.conf () method or the replSetGetConfig command. To modify the configuration for a replica set, use the rs.reconfig () method, passing a configuration document to the method.

How to restart a mongod process without–replset?

If you want to keep the data, but start outside a replica set, just restart the mongod process without the –replSet and on a different port. That will give you a standalone mongod. To be completely sure that the replica set configuration is gone from the instance, make sure that the local.system.replset collection is empty.

How do I start a mongod instance for each member?

For each member, start a mongod instance with the following settings: Set replication.replSetName option to the replica set name. If your application connects to more than one replica set, each set must have a distinct name. Set net.bindIp option to the hostname/ip or a comma-delimited list of hostnames/ips.

How do I start mongod with a configuration file?

Alternatively, you can also specify the replica set name and the ip addresses in a configuration file: To start mongod with a configuration file, specify the configuration file’s path with the –config option: In production deployments, you can configure a init script to manage this process.