What is Pyramid in Cheerdance?

What is Pyramid in Cheerdance?

A pyramid is defined as two or more stunt groups connected by the top persons holding hands, feet, waist, or legs. There are many varieties of pyramids ranging from simple waist level skills performed by younger teams, to multi person high pyramids performed by elite college teams.

How does pyramid Cheerdance work?

Cheerleading Pyramid Terms Cheerleading pyramids are essentially one big train of stunting activity. By creatively combining lifts, poses and dismounts, you end up with a sort of mega stunt that is visually impressive.

How small do you have to be to be a flyer?

some flyers are taller (and maybe more muscular) than the bases and vice versa. you do not need to be 4’7″ and 70 pounds to fly (though you can be) and 5’6″ or taller and 120 lbs to base/backspot.

What are the rules and guidelines of pyramid building in Cheerdance?

Rules for pyramids In high school, pyramids can be no more than two levels (one person must always be touching someone who is touching the floor), and in college, they may only be 2.5 body lengths. The base cheerleaders must remain in contact with the floor and with the cheerleaders they are supporting.

What are the 4 types of stunts?

Bases, back spots and tops need to understand how to identify the different types of stunts….

  • Climbing Stunts. Climbing stunts can be identified when a top girl or flyer, starts with one foot in the stunt.
  • Weight Transfer Stunts.
  • Timing Stunts.

What are the four types of stunts?

Types of Stunts • Individual Stunts – these are stunts performed by only one person. Dual Stunts – these are stunts performed by two. Group Stunts – these are stunts performed by three or more persons. 4.

Are pyramids good for cheerleaders?

The days of cheerleaders standing on the sidelines and simply cheering for their teams are over. Cheerleading has emerged into a sport of its own with flipping, pyramids and high-flying stunts. For all the flash though, it is important for beginners to learn strong foundations by practicing easy and safe pyramids.

What are the different types of Pyramid stunts?

The Swedish Fall, the Wolf Wall, and the L Stand are all popular variations of the two and a half high pyramid. ^ “Partner Stunts” (PDF). 2014-15 AACCA College Safety Rules.

What are the types of stunts in cheerleading?

List of cheerleading stunts. Stunts are defined as building performances displaying a person’s skill or dexterity. Stunting in cheerleading has been previously referred to as building pyramids. Stunts range from basic two-legged stunts, to one-legged extended stunts, and high flying basket tosses.

How many people are involved in a stunt?

Sometimes there may be a front spot as well. A partner stunt will involve two athletes: one flyer and one base. A third athlete, a spotter, will be involved depending upon the skill level of the stunt executed and the rules and regulations for that skill. Every person in the group is important.