What is PNL certification?

What is PNL certification?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a training program dedicated to the development of skills that have been largely disregarded by most traditional curricula (Universities, Management schools…): People skills: communication.

What is PNL coaching?

An NLP coach is trained to detect minute clues in the behavior and communication of his clients. This enables him to understand them in depth. He uncovers the limitations that his clients have imposed on themselves and works with them to move forward.

Who is the best NLP trainer in India?

This post is dedicated to Vikram Dhar, the gentle giant of NLP, and his achievements in the space to provide the best NLP Training in India ~ as he is the Best NLP trainer in India, known for curating the experiences for the best NLP training in India, and Dubai.

Why is NLP fake?

There is no scientific evidence supporting the claims made by NLP advocates, and it has been discredited as a pseudoscience. Scientific reviews state that NLP is based on outdated metaphors of how the brain works that are inconsistent with current neurological theory and contain numerous factual errors.

Who is David Key NLP?

David Key is a Best Selling Author, Transformative Coach, Principles Teacher, NLP Trainer and Master Trainer of Hypnosis dedicated to helping people realise their goals both personally and professionally. A more satisfying life. Now David is teaching a new understanding in psychology – The Three Principles.

Who is Ulysses Wang?

Ulysses Wang, International NLP Master Coach & Trainer He is an International Certified Master Coach & Trainer In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is well known for using his obsession in reverse engineering human behaviors to achieve business results for both corporates and entrepreneurs.

How much do NLP practitioners earn in India?

Average annual salary: ₹876,252 NLP engineering is an ever-evolving career.