What is PL/SQL language reference?

What is PL/SQL language reference?

â– Syntax Descriptions Audience Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Referenceis intended for anyone who is developing PL/SQL-based applications for either an Oracle Database or an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, including: â– Programmers

What are the different commands present in PL/SQL?

Let us have a look at all different commands that are present in PL/SQL. The basic commands are as explained below. 1. PL/SQL Block Structure: The block structure has four types of code block sections. These will be header, declaration, executable and exceptions. The code block is terminated by End Keyword.

What are the commands to use SQL*Plus?

SQL*Plus Commands. 1 Enter SQL*Plus commands to configure the SQL*Plus environment. 2 Startup and shutdown an Oracle database. 3 Connect to an Oracle database. 4 Enter and execute SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks. 5 Format and print query results.

Does the PL/SQL unit depend on the package name?

If you use constant_namein the BOOLEAN expression in a conditional compilation directive in a PL/SQL unit, then the PL/SQL unit depends on the package package_ name.

How to reference an identifier in a named PL/SQL unit?

If an identifier is declared in a named PL/SQL unit, you can (and sometimes must) reference it with its qualified name. The syntax (called dot notation) is: unit_name.simple_identifier_name

What is the PL/SQL gateway?

PL/SQL Gateway lets a Web browser invoke a PL/SQL stored subprogram through an HTTP listener. mod_plsql, one implementation of the PL/SQL Gateway, is a plug-in of Oracle HTTP Server and lets Web browsers invoke PL/SQL stored subprograms.

How to search for the percent sign in PL/SQL language reference?

Expressions 2-36Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Reference Result: TRUE FALSE To search for the percent sign or undersco re, define an escape character and put it before the percent sign or underscore.