What is off-axis point?

What is off-axis point?

An off-axis optical system is an optical system in which the optical axis of the aperture is not coincident with the mechanical center of the aperture. An example of an off-axis optical system is a three mirror design as optics for a hyperspectral imager.

What is off axis mic placement?

On-axis basically means pointing the mic directly at the speaker with no angle, so in effect, the mic would be considered to be perpendicular to the front of the cab. This tends to sound brighter. but at the same time there is a greater chance of proximity effect. Off-axis means angling the mic a little to the side.

What is EUV lithography used for?

EUV lithography is used to pattern the finest details on the most advanced microchips. Because EUV lithography can pack more transistors onto a single chip, these chips can be mass produced affordably. They also have more processing brainpower, use less energy and have higher performance.

What is on-axis and off-axis?

on-axis means that the speaker is basically pointing straight at you, off-axis means the speakers are facing each other ( in most applications ) so people will sometimes put the tweeters in the A-pillars, if they have them “on-axis” with the driver seat, when sitting in the driver seat you would be looking straight on …

What does off access mean?

Refers to an audio source that is not directly in front of a transducer, especially a microphone. For example, many engineers intentionally set up mics on guitar amps so that they are slightly off access to control the amount of high frequencies captured.

What does off axis microphone mean?

Refers to an audio source that is not directly in front of a transducer, especially a microphone. This results in off-axis coloration; a distortion or change in the frequency response of the reproduced audio signal.

What is difference between on axis and off axis?

On-axis means that the speaker (any speaker) is facing/aimed at the intended listener. Off-axis means that the speaker (any speaker) is NOT facing/aimed at the intended listener.

Why is EUV important?

What is off axis illumination in photolithography?

In photolithography, off-axis illumination is an optical system setup in which the incoming light strikes the photomask at an oblique angle rather than perpendicularly to it, that is to say, the incident light is not parallel to the axis of the optical system.

What is “off-axis illumination”?

• “Off-axis illumination” also allows some of the higher order diffracted light to be captured and hence can improve resolution. Aperture Point Source Collimating Lens Projection Lens Photoresist on Wafer • Kohler illumination systems focus the light at the entrance pupil of the objective lens.

What is the Na and λ size of the exposure system?

Exposure system: NA = 0.43, partially coherent g-line illumination (λ= 436 nm). No aberrations or defocusing. Minimum feature size is 1 µm.

What is the NA of I-line illumination?

Same example except that the illumination wavelength has now been changed to i-line illumination (λ= 365 nm) and the NA has been increased to 0.5. Note the improved image.