What is MyWinLocker suite and do I need it?

What is MyWinLocker suite and do I need it?

MyWinLocker Suite is a preinstalled program available on selected Acer products to help you protect your private data. It includes two applications: Yo-Safe, a password-protected virtual drive, and Shredder, a secure tool to remove files. The Yo-Safe virtual drive acts as an extra hard drive in your system.

Can I delete MyWinLocker suite?

Find MyWinLocker, right click on it and select End Task; Click on the Start button (left corner) and select Control Panel (Windows 8); Click Uninstall a Program (Windows Vista/7/8) or click Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP); Press OK to confirm the removal and wait until it’s done.

How do I uninstall Egis?

Click on Edit >> Find and type Egis and MyWinLocker and delete everything regedit finds. Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination in order to open Task Manager and navigate to the Startup tab. Select MyWinLocker if it’s still there and click on Disable. Enjoy.

What is newsXpresso and do I need it?

newsXpresso Pro is a smart and friendly news reader that allows you to follow your favorite news, videos, magazines, and blogs in multiple languages and global regions. Browse through extensive content catalog to create a fully personalized news reading experience.

What does Winlocker?

A Winlocker Trojan is a malware infection that does not allow its victims to access their machines. As its name indicates, a Winlocker effectively locks Windows, preventing the computer user from accessing their desktop, files or applications.

What is EgisTec shredder?

EgisTec Shredder 2 provides you with a quick and easy-to-use user interface when shredding your important files. Using the same shredding algorithm as the Department of Defense, your confidential files are permanently erased in a fast and secured manner. – Easy-to-use user interface: Quick & Simple!

What is newsXpresso app?

Is it safe to uninstall Acer collection?

In most cases of acer computers the apps packaged with the factory operating system do not support or help the performance and normally cause problems. Uninstalling the collection will not harm the computer.

Which Acer programs are safe to remove?

You can easily remove the following programs:

  • Acer Collection.
  • Acer Configuration Manager.
  • Acer Quick Access.
  • Acer Product registration.
  • Acer UEIP Framework.

What is newsXpresso on my computer?