What is Movie Review heneral Luna all about?

What is Movie Review heneral Luna all about?

The film is based on the titular national hero Antonio Luna a Filipino general who believes he can turn the tide of war against in the invading Americans back then. He was also known for his temperamental yet tough love attitude towards his incompetent soldiers and political rivals.

What is the message of heneral Luna movie?

1. We always elect self-serving leaders. This is the core message of the movie for me, as this was something that, in our present age, still proves to be rampant. Useless and mostly greedy leaders make their way to the top while the altruistic leaders remain in the background, and they do not last very long.

What kind of film is heneral Luna?

Historical Fiction
Heneral Luna/Genres

What did Heneral Luna do for the Philippines?

Antonio Luna de San Pedro y Novicio-Ancheta (October 29, 1866 – June 5, 1899), an Ilocano born in Manila, was a Filipino pharmacist and general who fought in the Philippine–American War. He was also the founder of the Philippines’s first military academy, which existed during the First Philippine Republic.

Why Heneral Luna is the best movie?

Here is a list why Heneral Luna is a must-see movie:

  • Heneral Luna is not your average war general.
  • Different from other historical films.
  • Film is relevant for today’s audience.
  • A cast born for their roles.
  • A worthy production.
  • Heroes are humans too.
  • Everyone can’t get enough of it.
  • 50% off for Students.

Is heneral Luna rated SPG?

MPAA Rating: R.

What do you think about the movie General Antonio Luna?

It’s a very well done War Epic, and a great portrayal of Luna. Going into this movie, I knew nothing of General Antonio Luna, but what they did for this legendary figure in Philippine history was extraordinary. Luna was a man’s man who was the ultimate patriot, willing to fight and die for his country.

Who is General Luna in the Filipino revolution?

General Antonio Luna, superbly portrayed by John Arcilla, is in charge of the Philippine revolutionary army, and he is in über-fight mode. After more than 300 years of being under Spanish rule, the Philippines is now sold to the United States, under which rule the native country now becomes.

Will there be another Tarog movie after ‘Heneral Luna?

Such a lengthy run is regarded as a minor miracle for a Filipino production, and Tarog has since announced plans to make another two films set during the same eventful era as “Heneral Luna.”

Is ‘Heneral Luna’ a Filipino historical epic?

It’s clear from the outset that “Heneral Luna” is a very different proposition from the majority of Filipino historical epics, which paint fawning portraits of the nation’s founding fathers.