What is meant by a quasiparticle?

What is meant by a quasiparticle?

quasiparticle, in physics, a disturbance, in a medium, that behaves as a particle and that may conveniently be regarded as one. Quasiparticles are studied in connection with solid-state physics and nuclear physics because they play an important role in determining the properties of matter.

What does Quazi mean?

1 : having some resemblance usually by possession of certain attributes a quasi corporation. 2 : having a legal status only by operation or construction of law and without reference to intent a quasi contract.

Is an electron a quasiparticle?

Thus, electrons and electron holes (fermions) are typically called quasiparticles, while phonons and plasmons (bosons) are typically called collective excitations. The quasiparticle concept is important in condensed matter physics because it can simplify the many-body problem in quantum mechanics.

Are atoms quasiparticles?

Unlike fundamental bits of matter like electrons and quarks, quasiparticles aren’t members of the standard model. And unlike neutrons, protons, or even atoms and molecules, they aren’t independent structures floating about on their own in free space.

What is a quasiparticle energy?

The quasiparticle excitation energies are the energies for adding an electron to the system or subtracting one from it. A quasiparticle energy has both real and imaginary parts, the latter giving the quasiparticle lifetime.

What does QASI stand for?


Acronym Definition
QASI Quality Assurance Systems International
QASI Question, Auxiliary, Subject, Infinitive (English language instruction)

What is a quasi confession?

Quasi judicial confession is a confession made on a preliminary examination before a magistrate, at a coroner’s inquest, or before a grand jury.

Are Cooper pairs quasiparticles?

A broken Cooper pair is called a Bogoliubov quasiparticle. It differs from the conventional quasiparticle in metal because it combines the properties of a negatively charged electron and a positively charged hole (an electron void).

What is quasi partner?

A strategic alliance or a joint venture that does not act like a partnership. This alliance will resemble a partnership but it is not a partnership.

What are Frenkel excitons?

Frenkel excitons are typically found in alkali halide crystals and in organic molecular crystals composed of aromatic molecules, such as anthracene and tetracene. Another example of Frenkel exciton includes on-site d-d excitations in transition metal compounds with partially-filled d-shells.

What is a quasiparticle?

A quasiparticle is a collection of quantum characteristics among particles operating in their own, particle-like way. Unlike fundamental bits of matter like electrons and quarks, quasiparticles aren’t members of the standard model.

What is the spin orientation of a quasi-particle?

As for electrons and holes, these quasi-particles are labelled by a wave vec­ tor k and a spin orientation s = ± 1/2. It is assumed that there is a sharp Fermi surface in the actual system as

Is a dilute quasi-particle gas perfect?

At sufficiently low temperature, few quasi-particles are excited and therefore this dilute quasi-particle gas is nearly a “perfect” gas, in the sense that the quasi­ particles rarely collide. Furthermore, at low tempera­ ture only low energy quasi-particles are excited.

What is the effective mass of quasi-particles?

fying their use as the building blocks for the low lying excitation spectrum. There is no need in principle for the effective mass of the quasi-particles (q.p.) to be simply related to the free electron (or band structure) mass.