What is LMi?

What is LMi?

Why LMI? In-depth, Hands-on, Makeup Classes. Founded in 2010 for students pursuing careers in the makeup and special makeup effects industries, L Makeup Institute is a recognized leader in makeup artistry education.

Why choose LMI makeup school?

Accredited by ACCSC, not only has LMI has gone through a rigorous process that has evaluated the educational quality of our makeup school programs, we’re able to offer a variety of options to help you pay for your education.

What kind of financial aid does LMI offer?

For those who qualify, LMI accepts federal financial aid and grants, VA benefits, 529 funds, and offers loans and payment plans through our makeup artist school. Get hands-On Training.

What makes LMI different from AI/ML?

That’s what makes LMI different. AI/ML acts as a force multiplier, amplifying the quality of results fed into the decision-making process, ultimately saving valuable time. The president’s budget calls for a DARPA-like organization for discovering the most innovative and effective treatments for major diseases.