What is Jun Fan?

What is Jun Fan?

A: Jun Fan Gung Fu is the system that Bruce Lee taught when he first came to the United States. It is basically a modified form of Wing Chun Gung Fu. This is the art that he taught in Seattle and the early part of the Oakland period.

What is Jun Fan Kung Fu?

Location: California. The correct definition of Jun Fan Kung Fu is Bruce Lee’s personal expression of Jeet Kune Do, JKD being the principle and JFKF being the techniques he used. Since his primary martial art was Wing Chun , than JFKF shows a large WC influence.

What is Gong Fu?

Gong fu means the art of doing something well. In the tea ceremony known as gong fu, the implication is that time, dedication and effort will produce an ultimate tea experience. The phrase is also spelled as kung fu, kung fu-cha or gong fu-cha.