What is job of assistant in Intelligence Bureau?

What is job of assistant in Intelligence Bureau?

The job profile of an Assistant in the Intelligence Bureau is diverse. The work profile will include clerical work like completing files, making reports and putting them up to the higher authorities. The other part of the job would be taking part in some sensitive meetings too.

How can I become assistant in Intelligence Bureau?

IB ACIO Application Process

  1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Go to the IB ACIO notification.
  2. Fill in the details for Application form Part 1.
  3. Application fee for general and OBC candidates is INR 100.
  4. Upload all the documents as per instructions.
  5. Make fee payment.

Which post is aso?

Assistant Section Officer
A. The Assistant Section Officer or ASO in Central Secretariat Service (CSS) is a Grade B post under the government of India. They act as a bridge between the Parliament and the Central Secretariat and is primarily a desk job.

Which is the best job in SSC CGL?

The best posts under SSC CGL exam are:

  • Income Tax Inspector.
  • Assistant Section Officer.
  • Central Excise Inspector.
  • Assistant Audit Officer.
  • Public Finance – K K Andley and Sundaram.
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer.

Can Aso become IAS?

For such candidates, SSC CGL is among the best opportunities to become an IAS equivalent officer….Related Stories.

Name of Posts Ministries/Departments Grade Pay(in INR)
Assistant Section Officer Intelligence Bureau 4600
Central Secretariat Service 4600
Ministry of Railways 4600
Ministry of External Affairs 4600

Do Aso get quarters?

Assistant Section Officer (ASO) in CSS is entitled for the TYPE-III quarters (2 bedrooms+1 drawing room), but in the current scenario the government quarter allotment has huge waiting list and therefore it takes around 8-10 years for a government quarter for a new recruit.

Which SSC job has highest salary?

SSC CGL Pay Level-8 (Salary varies from INR 47,600 to 1,51,100) Only some Group B Gazetted (Non- Ministerial) posts receive pay level 8 salary. It is the highest pay level for candidates recruited through SSC CGL.

What is an assistant in the Intelligence Bureau?

Assistant in Intelligence Bureau as the name suggests, is an Assistant post offered through SSC CGL. In this job, you would work for Intelligence Bureau which is the internal intelligence agency og our country.

What is the work profile of an IBIB assistant?

IB (Intelligence Bureau) works under the Home Ministry.Your work profile will normally include clerical work like completing files and making reports and putting them up to the higher authorities. 2. SSC CGL Assistant in Intelligence Bureau Work Timing:

What is the work profile of an IB Intelligence Officer?

Work Profile of IB Intelligence Officers (ACIO) It is a security agency so your job is related to the security subject at national and central level. Usually, the newly recruited candidates are posted on border areas for the limited duration of time. Special Preference is given to female candidates.

What is the work profile of IB Security Assistant/Executive?

Work Profile of IB Security Assistant/Executive. IB Security Assistant/Executive post is a General Central (Group C) post. It is a Non-gazetted and Non-Ministerial post. It’s more or less equivalent to a constable in the Police Department. Work profile includes: The maintenance of different registers.