What is J-Link GDB server?

What is J-Link GDB server?

With J-Link GDB Server, programs can be debugged via GDB directly on the target, similar to when debugging with a direct connection. The application can be loaded into RAM or flash of the device.

How to debug GDB SEGGER J-Link in Eclipse?

With all the above steps completed properly, you can start the debug session: 1 in the Eclipse menu, go to Run → Debug Configurations… 2 if necessary, expand the GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging group 3 select the newly defined configuration 4 click the Debug button More

How to change the J-Link Path and GDB server settings in Eclipse?

the values of the $ {jlink_path} and $ {jlink_gdbserver} can be manually edited in the Eclipse menu → (Window →) Preferences → MCU → Global SEGGER J-Link Path configuration page (if you do not find this page, upgrade the plug-ins);

Does J-Link support arms Serial Wire Debug (SWD)?

The J-Link support ARMs Serial Wire Debug (SWD). SWD replaces the 5-pin JTAG port with a clock (SWDCLK) and a single bi-directional data pin (SWDIO), providing all the normal JTAG debug and test functionality. SWDIO and SWCLK are overlaid on the TMS and TCK pins.