What is j avo in resident evil 6?

What is j avo in resident evil 6?

J’avo are a highly efficient, versatile and deadly type of B.O.W. that appear in Resident Evil 6. They are human beings that have been infected with a primary strain of the C-virus, a new viral weapon created by Carla Radames, the leader of the bioterrorist group Neo-Umbrella.

What started the T-Virus?

In the games, the t-Virus is said to have been created when the Ebola virus was combined with what the game calls the Progenitor Virus, a single-stranded RNA non-carcinogenic mutagen retrovirus from a plant that enhances the human body with rapid mutations through gene editing.

What happened to Racoon city?

Raccoon City is eradicated by the US Government (October 1, 1998). The operation began after daybreak on Friday October 1, destroying the entire city. The official death toll was over 100,000.

Who is the leader of neo umbrella?

Neo-Umbrella is the main antagonistic faction of Resident Evil 6. It was a ruthless bioterrorism organization which was secretly founded by Carla Radames, who at the time posed as Ada Wong.

How did the J’avo get its name?

The name could translate to “Head-Runner” or “Runaway head” from Serbian. This mutation seems to come from the head. Several protrusions come in place as the J’avo regenerations, including something that resembles the stinger and abdomen of a bee or wasp or some sort. The creature emits a poisonous gas that damages and impairs vision.

What happened to the J’avo’s intelligence?

The head Glava mutations seem to cause the J’avo to lose their intelligence, as their attacks become more animalistic. This mutation is triggered when the J’avo suffers heavy damage to the head.

How many eyes does J’avo have?

Most noticeably, J’avo mutates to have multiple eyes, usually scattered asymmetrically across the face and forehead. There is no specific pattern to the eye positions, and eyes are of different sizes with as many as four small eyes positioned around large ones.

What is the J’avo mutation?

This type of mutation is very dangerous, as this mutation causes the J’avo to enter a berserk frenzy and will viciously attack the player until it is dead. The name could translate to “Head-Runner” or “Runaway head” from Serbian. This mutation seems to come from the head.