What is Hollywood glam decor?

What is Hollywood glam decor?

Also known as Hollywood Regency or Regency Moderne, Hollywood Glam is exactly what it sounds like: a decor that embraces the decadent and fabulous from top to bottom. At least one of the style’s pioneers has a history with Hollywood. William “Billy” Haines turned to design only after his acting career was cut short.

How do I add glam to my bedroom?

8 easy ways to add instant glamour to a bedroom

  1. Invest in a Headboard. ‘A headboard will really create a focal point in your room, especially in a rich velvet’, explains Victoria.
  2. Decorate with Flowers.
  3. Treat yourself to a scented candle.
  4. Mirrors.
  5. Under your Feet.
  6. Style the Bed.
  7. Decorate the Walls.
  8. Sleep in Luxury.

What is Hollywood glam theme?

The Hollywood glam style for interior design combines Art Deco themes with modern trends. It exudes sophistication and charm that is reminiscent of the 1930s or the “Golden Age of Hollywood”.

How do you style a glam room?

Glam style is all about amplifying the shine of its metallic accents – wall and floor mirrors as well as mirrored accent furniture are must-haves for their light refracting capabilities. Lucite and lacquer also make an appearance on coffee tables and small decor pieces for their reflective, sleek surfaces.

Can you mix glam and boho?

While perhaps an unexpected pairing, boho and glam are actually great styles to pair together. They’re both eclectic styles by nature, allowing you to incorporate unexpected decor choices throughout your space.

What is the difference between art deco and Hollywood Regency?

brought the look into the homes of Hollywood stars and eventually created the Hollywood Regency style. Art Deco is characterized by geometric patterns in architecture, such as iron doors and windows, and wall coverings. Think of Hollywood Regency as Art Deco with softer edges.

What are glam colors?

While glam is often associated with light colors such as white, gray, cream, soft pinks, or glitter, it can also be dark and moody. Glam looks amazing with black, especially when paired with metal accents.

What is modern glam style?

Modern Glam Style is simply the tamed version of Hollywood Glam or Hollywood Regency Style. The former is less bold, less dramatic and less extravagant. What one may call a Modern Glam space could be a Hollywood Glam for another — as a matter of taste.

What makes a Hollywood Regency bedroom look glamorous?

Mirrors and shine are essential aspects of the Hollywood Regency style. In this bedroom, photographed by Tracey Ayton, clean white bedding is set off by the mirrored nightstands and silvered picture frames. The simple wooden lamp keeps the look under control, however. Perfect. Continue to 20 of 24 below. Think a tiny bedroom can’t be glamorous?

What is Hollywood Regency style furniture?

Shiny, lacquered furniture is very popular in the Hollywood Regency style. In this bedroom from Janet Rice Interiors, a lovely lacquered vanity sits near a bed piled high with cozy bedding. Note the mirrored tray on the vanity; that’s another hallmark of the Hollywood glam look.

Is there such a thing as a glamorous bedroom without shine?

Here’s a bedroom that hints at Hollywood glamour without actually committing to the shine and luxe that are typically part of the style. From J and J Design, this elegantly glamorous room instead uses pattern and attention to detail for its overall expensive vibe. Continue to 23 of 24 below.

What is Hollywood Regency decorating theme?

It’s not a look known for subtlety, nor is it for those who prefer simple or minimalistic rooms. Instead, it’s all about turning the space into a showpiece of luxury, style, and personality. This bedroom set from the 2008 movie, “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,” shows off many hallmarks of the Hollywood Regency decorating theme.