What is high mountain oolong tea good for?

What is high mountain oolong tea good for?

Comparable to green teas, high mountain oolongs have high levels of polyphenols. Polyphenols protect the body from stressors and may help protect against various forms of cancer, heart disease, and inflammation. High mountain oolongs also contain L-theanine, an amino acid known to reduce anxiety and help you relax.

What kind of tea is Alishan?

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Alishan is famous for its high-mountain oolong tea. It is a broad area with many distinct oolong tea producing areas. Two of the most famous of the Alishan tea areas are Zhong Shu Hu and Shi Zuo. Mount Ali is one of the most popular tourist areas in Taiwan.

Is high mountain tea good?

Benefits of Drinking High Mountain tea They are considered exceptionally aromatic and healthy because they come from high elevation areas with cooler climate that are still unaffected by pollution. Just like green tea, oolong tea contains EGCG, a catechin linked to many potential health benefits.

Does Alishan tea have caffeine?

Alishan tea has a moderate caffeine content of about 40 mg a cup. The more oxidized a tea, the higher it’s caffeine content. Green tea has very little caffeine and black tea has quite a bit. Oolong has a moderate amount.

Is Taiwan High Mountain Tea green tea?

Green tea – Taiwan high mountain tea – Famous Taiwan high mountain tea- Taiwan Ali-Shan Winter Tea. Tea harvested in winter. loosely hand picked and roasted mild. This is green tea.

What is Taiwan mountain tea?

Taiwan High Mountain Tea. High mountain tea refers to oolong tea grown in mountains above 1000 meters above sea level, including Alishan, dayulin, and Lishan. High Mountain Tea has a better aroma and mouthfeel than other oolong teas. Taiwan High Mountain Tea distributes in Alishan, dayulin, Lishan.

Is Alishan tea good?

The incredibly density of flavor and nutrients imparted by the combination of altitude, climate and soil makes Alishan tea great for may infusions. You will continue to get a great flavorful cup of tea even after multiple steepings. The leaves are processed similar to any standard oolong tea.

Is Alishan tea green tea?

Taiwan Alishan (Ali-Mountain) Green Tea — Taiwan High Mountain Grown Tea Premium Quality.

What is Taiwan Alishan tea?

Ali Mountain (Alishan) Tea is an oolong tea grown high in the mountains of central Taiwan. Alishan tea has a light orchid aroma and a slightly sweet, yet complex flavor with a hint of fruits and flowers and a light creaminess.

What is Yifang mountain tea?

Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea has premium mountain tea (a type of green tea), pineapple, passionfruit, orange and apples – sarap! In case you’re wondering what Aiyu is made of, it’s made of fig fruit and green tea. Wintermelon Milk is of course fresh milk and sweet wintermelon.

What is Ali Shan oolong tea?

Ali Shan Oolong Tea is a typical kind of Taiwan High Mountain Tea. The unique feature of Ali Shan Oolong Tea is the gardenia fragrance and natural milk aroma which is from the tea plant C. sinensis cv. Jinxuan (Tai Cha No.12). The main character of this tea is the fragrance of gardenia and milk.

What is high mountain tea?

In Taiwan, tea grown above an altitude of 800 meters is referred to as High Mountain Tea.

What does Ali Shan green oolong taste like?

For me, Ali Shan green oolong is the pinnacle of teas– it has savory and floral essences that other green oolong seem to lack. The tea from this seller is of excellent quality and my sense of taste confirms that it is exactly the tea it promises to be.

What tea should I pack for my trip to Taiwan?

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