What is GT-R Spec V?

What is GT-R Spec V?

The Nissan GT-R Spec V shares its 20-inch alloys, titanium exhaust and carbonfibre Recaro bucket seats with the GT-R Clubsports, a NISMO special launched in Japan late last year. But it has shed a further 60kg through extensive use of carbonfibre and by losing its rear seats.

How many V-Spec GTRS are there?

Total production of the V·Spec and V·Spec II was 1,396 and 1,306 units respectively. Production of the R32 Skyline GT-R ceased in November 1994 after a production run of 43,937 units.

How much horsepower does a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 V-Spec have?

Powertrain specs

Engine type Inline 6, Twin Turbo, 24v
Power 280 ps (276 bhp / 206 kw)
Torque 400 Nm (295 lb-ft)
Power / liter 108 ps (106 hp)
Power / weight 176 ps (174 bhp) / t

How many r35 have been produced?

R35 GT-R (MY09-MY17) By Year Worldwide

(G) Black 1087
(W) Grey 162
Premium (MY09) 6113
(G) Black 5243

How many R34 GTRS are left?

Nissan Skyline R34 Production Numbers

% 8.01

What is the rarest R35 GTR?

The pinnacle of the R35 series, however, also happens to be the rarest of the lot in the guise of the GT-R 50 by Italdesign. Revealed quite some time ago with the GT-R NISMO as the building block, the special edition has finally entered production.

How fast can a GTR R35 go?

205 mph
The GT-R can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in three seconds and – on a long enough racetrack – it can hit a top speed of 205 mph.

How many GT-R Nismo R35 were made?

It is limited to 150 units worldwide.

How many GTR R35 were made?

What are the specs of a Nissan GT-R R35?

Nissan GT-R Spec-V (R35) specs Car type Coupe Curb weight 1680 kg (3704 lbs) Introduced 2009 Origin country Japan Views 123.4k

Is the R35 GT-R’S T-spec the final iteration?

The reason for this is simple: I’m sure the T-spec is the final last iteration of the R35 GT-R, just like the the V-spec II Nür and M-spec Nür models were for the R34 Skyline GT-R 19 years ago.

What is a Spec-V GT-R?

“The GT-R is the anyone-anywhere-anytime supercar,” claims Mizuno. “The Spec-V, in contrast to what you might be thinking, is not the high-performance version of the GT-R.” Huh, really? “It is a car tailored to those drivers who really enjoy fast driving and like to push a car to its limits on a track.

What is the best time for the Nissan R35 GTR on track?

Porsche have accused Nissan of falsifying these claims, Porsche conducted their own test of the R35 GTR using no modifications and stock tires and achieved a best time of 7:54. Nissan have officially disputed Porsche’s claim in October 2008. Another independent test recorded a time of 7:50, although one key corner of the track was damp.