What is Gregynog Hall?

What is Gregynog Hall?

Gregynog is also home to the annual Young Musicians Competition which attracts participants from all over Wales and beyond. Since Margaret Davies’s gift of Gregynog to the University of Wales in 1960, the hall has hosted conferences, seminars and summer schools from every academic discipline.

What is gregregynog?

Gregynog was bought by Margaret and her elder sister Gwendoline Davies in 1920 with the intention of establishing a centre of excellence for the arts, crafts and music which would enrich the lives of the people of Wales in the aftermath of the World War One.

What is the Gregynog Statistical Conference?

The “Gregynog Statistical Conference” has been held annually over Easter at Gregynog Hall since 1965.

Where did the name Gregynog come from?

The ancient family of Blayney, and to whom Gregynog belonged from the earliest times, dates its origin from a Prince of Powys, called Brochwell Ysgythrog, probably so named from the prominence of his teeth. W. Scott Owen ‘History of Gregynog’ 1888

How many acres is Gregynog mansion?

At its largest, the Gregynog estate was over 18,000 acres (73 km 2) in extent, but the estate was broken up in 1913, leaving the mansion with 750 acres (3.0 km 2) of farms, woodlands and formal gardens. The sunken garden and arboretum are of particular note.

How do I contact the Gregynog estate?

For further details, please contact Ellen Hughes or Jayne Spencer on 01686 650224 or email [email protected] We care for the land, buildings and nature that make up the Gregynog Estate. As a registered charity, this is only possible through the income we can raise along with gifts, donations and grants we receive.

What does Gregynog mean?

Gregynog ( Welsh pronunciation: [ɡrɛˈɡənɔɡ]) is a large country mansion in the village of Tregynon, 4 miles (6.4 km) northwest of Newtown in the old county of Montgomeryshire, now Powys in mid Wales. There has been a settlement on the site since the twelfth century.