What is Google onboarding?

What is Google onboarding?

During the onboarding process, Google supports employee development by educating employees and inducting them into company culture (with both lectures and beers). Obviously, this won’t work for everyone and it highly depends on the kind of culture your company has.

How long should an onboarding video be?

As you can see from these examples, an onboarding video doesn’t need to be long. In fact, the longest one here is less than six minutes. Many were less than three minutes. Think about what’s most important for new hires to know about your company.

How do I make an onboarding checklist?

Follow these steps to create an effective and comprehensive onboarding checklist:

  1. Assess the needs of the role.
  2. Separate the checklist into sections.
  3. Create a checklist of pre-hire items.
  4. Determine the tasks for their first day.
  5. Designate responsibilities for their first week.
  6. Check in with them after their first month.

How do you do onboarding process?

Here are seven ways to improve your onboarding process for employee success.

  1. 1) Prepare colleagues for the new employee.
  2. 2) Have the new employee’s workstation ready to go.
  3. 3) Make sure your new employee has access to any necessary programs.
  4. 4) Make introductions.
  5. 5) Plan a team lunch.
  6. 6) Allow plenty of time for training.

How long is Google onboarding process?

Once hired, these new Googlers or Nooglers undergo a two-week in-person training and orientation program that explains the organizational structure, core technologies and programming practices.

What do Google’s newly hired employees get called?

A Noogler is the affectionate term Google uses to refer to new hires. While you may never have heard that word before, you’ve probably heard about Google’s (legendary) workplace culture.

Do people watch onboarding videos?

When welcoming new users or employees to a platform, educating them on the uses of a product, and introducing new elements; companies use videos and achieve great results. 91% of people said they have watched a video to understand how to use a product better. Let’s take it from the video onboarding meaning.

What should an onboarding video include?

What to Include in an Employee Onboarding Video

  • Company Overview and Welcome. By reaching out to new employees with a welcoming video overview of the company, you’ll set the tone of inclusivity and excitement before they even start.
  • Department Overview.
  • Job Description.
  • IT Policies and Procedures.
  • Practical Tips and Tricks.

Is Google’s onboarding process still relevant?

I won’t sit here and pretend that Google is the perfect template of how to onboard and interact with all employees. It isn’t, and neither are other such standout examples of how companies treat their employees (like Pixar). However, when discarding the culture the onboarding process itself is absolutely still relevant to almost any company.

What is an employee onboarding video?

An employee onboarding video (also known as an orientation video) is a tool that employers use to communicate their core values, provide a glimpse of what to expect, and introduce them to their fellow staff members. Companies have been using these corporate videos to deliver memorable onboarding experiences since forever.

What makes Atlassian’s onboarding video so special?

The Atlassian onboarding video focuses on their impressive culture and it’s a direct reflection of their mission of bringing out the best potential in people using teamwork. The employee video shows the Australian-based companies warm and family-like atmosphere.

How to onboard new hires?

An easy way to do that is by leveraging an employee onboarding video. The goal of onboarding is to acquaint your new hires with the company culture, the company policies, and get them up-to-speed with the process. An easy way to do that is by leveraging an employee onboarding video.