What is Gate 13?

What is Gate 13?

Gate 13 has members from all over Greece and has over the years become a part of the club by affecting club decisions and by following the club on all possible occasions. Before the foundation of Gate 13 there were various football supporters’ clubs all around Greece.

What does Gate 13 do for Rapid Wien?

Gate 13 holds a very strong brotherhood with Rapid Wien ‘s fans Ultras Rapid since 2001 when Panathinaikos played Sturm Graz for UEFA Champions League. Since then there have been many actions to promote this friendships such as flags from one to the curva of the another.

What happened to the original members of Gate 13?

On November 27, 1966, a few days after the foundation of Gate 13, a bus carrying Panathinaikos fans from Athens to Veroia crashed, resulting in the death of two Panathinaikos fans, Giorgos Koskoros ( Greek: Γιώργος Κόσκορος) and Dimitris Sarantakos ( Greek: Δημήτρης Σαραντάκος) who was one of the founding members of Gate 13.