What is Fibromyxoma?

What is Fibromyxoma?

[ fī′brō-mĭk-sō′mə ] n. A benign tumor that contains a large amount of mature fibroblasts and connective tissue.

Is fibromyxoma benign?

Odontogenic fibromyxoma is a benign, aggressive neoplasm and it is important to distinguish it from less aggressive gnathic lesions and mesenchymal malignancies in order to ensure appropriate patient management.

What is Fibromyxoid sarcoma?

FY-broh-MIK-soyd sar-KOH-muh) A rare, slow-growing type of cancer that usually forms in the deep soft tissues of the legs or trunk (chest and abdomen). The cancer may come back many years after treatment and spread to the lungs and the lining of the wall of the chest cavity.

What is acral Fibromyxoma?

Superficial acral fibromyxoma (SAF) presents as a slow-growing solitary tumor that typically arises on the hands and feet, with a predilection for the periungual region of fingers and toes. The tumors are frequently asymptomatic, but may be uncomfortable with pressure or, on occasion, painful.

What is a superficial acral Fibromyxoma?

Superficial acral fibromyxoma (SAFM) is a rare slow growing myxoid tumor in the subungual area that was first described in 2001. [1] Histopathologically, SAFM is composed of stellate cells in a myxocollagenous matrix with a poorly circumscribed margin.

What is cutaneous myxoma?

Cutaneous myxoma, also known as superficial myxoma or superficial angiomyxoma, is a rare myxoid tumor of the skin and subcutis. Cutaneous myxomas are histologically identical to the cutaneous myxoid tumors seen in patients with Carney’s syndrome, although most occur sporadically.

Is myxoma cancerous?

A myxoma is a benign (non-cancerous) growth in the heart. Myxomas can be as small as a few millimetres or grow to a few centimetres. Most myxomas develop in the area of the heart called the atrium, which is the top left chamber of the heart.

Is Fibromyxoid sarcoma curable?

A sarcoma is considered stage IV when it has spread to distant parts of the body. Stage IV sarcomas are rarely curable. But some patients may be cured if the main (primary) tumor and all of the areas of cancer spread (metastases) can be removed by surgery. The best success rate is when it has spread only to the lungs.

What causes Fibromyxoid sarcoma?

DNA mutations in soft tissue sarcoma are common. But they’re usually acquired during life rather than having been inherited before birth. Acquired mutations may result from exposure to radiation or cancer-causing chemicals. In most sarcomas, they occur for no apparent reason.

What is superficial acral Fibromyxoma?