What is EDS in electric vehicle?

What is EDS in electric vehicle?

Differential System (EDS) for an Electric Vehicle (EV) with in- wheel motor. EDS is generally used in EVs due to some. drawbacks of mechanical differential such as being heavy. systems and mechanical losses caused by the powertrains.

Does an EV have a differential?

Vehicles driven by in-wheel electric motors do not have a differential but deliver torque directly and independently to the wheels. Wheels can then rotate at their natural speeds as determined by the kinematics of the vehicle. The so-called “open differential” allows any amount of wheel speed difference across an axle.

What is XDS electronic differential lock?

XDS is an advanced electronic differential lock, linked to a sophisticated Electronic Stabilisation Programme system. It was designed to maximise road holding and improve responses, especially when cornering.

What is high-voltage EDS?

Requirements of high-voltage cable harnesses for electrified vehicles. The special feature of HV vehicle electrical distribution systems is the electric power to be transmitted to drive the vehicle electrically. High currents and voltages are transmitted in the system by means of large cable cross-sections.

What is HV wiring harness?

The conventional high-voltage wiring harness for HEV is composed of wires and plastic protectors. Heat resistance against an external source, weight reduction, simplification of wiring harness assembly and sheath design, electromagnetic shielding performance, and resistance to stone chipping, are described.

Do Teslas have differentials?

All Teslas have an open differential that lets all the power go to one side. This means the car can’t climb the hill. This is how most cars were 15 years ago, before electronic traction control came out. With the normal software on, the rear end will come out a little but still keeps the car under control.

How does electronic diff lock work?

The electronic locking differential is a device housed in the rear axle that allows both rear wheels to turn at the same speed. The electronic differential disengages when the vehicle speed exceeds a set value and it re-engages when the vehicle speed goes below a set value.

What is high voltage wiring harness?

High-voltage wiring harnesses connect the battery, inverter and motors installed in an HEV or EV, as shown in Fig. 1. They carry a high voltage and a large current. Wiring harnesses are required to be highly reliable. One reliability indicator is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)*2.

What is high voltage EDS?

Does Model 3 have an axle?

Yes. There is one motor per “axle”, and the motor directly drives the ring gear of the differential.