What is Earfcn value?

What is Earfcn value?

EARFCN stands for E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number.In LTE, the carrier frequency in the uplink and downlink is designated by EARFCN, which ranges between 0-65535. EARFCN uniquely identify the LTE band and carrier frequency.

How do you calculate DL frequency?

The actual frequencies (uplink and downlink) used inside the frequency range are determined by the ARFCN….Frequency Bands.

GSM 850 T-GSM810
Uplink (UL) Formula (MHz) FUL(n) = 824.2 + 0.2*(n-128) FUL(n) = 806 + .2*(n-350)
Downlink (DL) Formula (MHz) FDL(n) = FUL(n)+45 FDL(n) = FUL(n)+45

What is n77 frequency?

3700 MHz
In many countries, n77 (3700 MHz), or commonly referred to as the 3.7 GHz 5G band, or C-band 5G, is the most commonly tested and deployed 5G frequency. The n77 band’s popularity is due to its relatively common availability, compared to lower cellular spectrum (below 2700MHz) already widely in use by 3G and 4G networks.

What is the number of channels for 20 MHz LTE band?

The LTE radio channels are also allocated numbers – these can be calculated from a simple defined formula….LTE radio channel bandwidths.

Radio Channel Bandwidths Specified in LTE
Channel Bandwidth Number of Resource Blocks
15 MHz 75
20 MHz 100

How do you unlock LTE Earfcn?

Use command lock the EARFCN in the cell table. Or you can input a specified EARFCN in an edit box. The entity locked on is highlighted in [] in the list. To undo a lock action, long-tap and choose Clear locking.

What is DL frequency?

FDD LTE Frequency Bands

E-UTRA Band Identifier DL EARFCN
B28 (700 MHz) APT 700 9210 – 9659
B29 (700 MHz Suppl. DL) LTE DL FDD 9660 – 9769
B30 (2300 MHz) LTE WCS 9770 – 9869
B31 (450 MHz) LTE 450 Brazil 9870 – 9919

What is DL and UL frequency?

In case of FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) LTE downlink channel (DL, eNB transmits UEs receive) and uplink channel (UL, UEs transmit eNB receives) are transmitted simultaneously on different frequencies. Also each band is marked by LTE release number where it was defined.

Is B66 5G?

B66 (the AWS spectrum T-Mobile is using to broadcast both 5G and 4G using EN-DC technology)

What is SA and NSA in 5G?

NSA (Non-Standalone Access) and SA (Standalone Access) are the two 5G network modes. NSA relies on the 4G network facilities to provide more speed and higher data bandwidth. A 5G-enabled smartphone will connect to a 5G or 4G network depending on conditions.

What is band 8 frequency?

Frequency Band of 3GPP LTE FDD mode

Band No. Uplink Frequency band Downlink Frequency band
6 830 MHz – 840 MHz 875 MHz – 885 MHz
7 2500 MHz – 2570 MHz 2620 MHz – 2690 MHz
8 880 MHz – 915 MHz 925 MHz – 960 MHz
9 1749.9 MHz – 1784.9 MHz 1844.9 MHz – 1879.9 MHz

What is band 41 LTE?

LTE Band 41 is a part of the TDD (Time Division Duplex) LTE spectrum that requires only a single frequency band for both the uplink and downlink. LTE Band 41 has a frequency range from 2496 – 2690 MHz with a bandwidth of 194 MHz.

What is LTE EARFCN to frequency conversion?

This LTE EARFCN calculator does LTE EARFCN to Frequency conversion. The equations or formula for this EARFCN Calculator is also mentioned. EARFCN in the LTE system is the short form of E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number.

Why is EARFCN used to display carrier frequency?

LTE EARFCN is used to display Carrier Frequency. CableFree LTE base stations use ETSI Industry Standard EARFCN to display channel numbers, rather than raw frequencies in MHz. This may appear confusing at first glance but is the standard in LTE networks.

What is the full form of EARFCN?

LTE EARFCN stands for E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number. The page describes LTE EARFCN equation and table for calculation of downlink EARFCN (N DL ) and uplink EARFCN (N UL ).

How to calculate uplink/downlink carrier frequency from EARFCN?

The relation between EARFCN and its uplink/downlink carrier frequency is given by the equation below Fdownlink=FDLLow+0.1(NDL−NDLOffset)Fdownlink=FDLLow+0.1(NDL-NDLOffset) Fuplink=FULLow+0.1(NUL−NULOffset)