What is DVD5/DVD9?

What is DVD5/DVD9?

DVD is an optical disc storage media format with a higher storage capacity than CD and is widely used to store data. There are many types of DVD discs. Among them, DVD 5 and DVD 9 are the two most common types of DVD types used by the general public. We usually called DVD 5, DVD 9, DVD-5, DVD-9, or DVD5 disc, DVD9 disc.

How to burn videos to DVD5 or DVD9?

By the way, if you want to burn videos to DVD5 or DVD9, you can use Aimersoft Video to DVD Burner to help you. For copying DVD for backup, you can use Aimersoft DVD Copy. All types of DVD are well supported. Aimersoft DVD Copy is a feasible DVD backup program that is able to copy DVD 9 to DVD 5 with fast speed and high quality.

How many GB is a DVD 9?

DVD9: DVD 9 disc is a single-sided, dual layered DV that can hold around 8,540,000,000 bytes and that is 7.95 GB. It is also called DVD+R9, DVD+R DL or 8.5 GB Media.

How can I tell if a DVD is a DVD9 disc?

First the obvious, check the DVD case and the back cover that the DVD came in, if it displays ‘dual layer’ or ‘double layer’ logo, then this is usually a DVD9 disc. Next is to tell when using a program. When you open the DVD with some tools such as DVD Shrink, you are able to check the size. If more than 4.37GB, then it is probably a DVD9.

How do I convert DVD9 to DVD5?

DVD95 is a GNOME application to convert DVD9 to DVD5 (4.7 GB), AVI or PSP files. The user interface is aimed at being simple and elegant to use. DVD95 is free and open-source software licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2. The shrinking factor may be computed for best results, or an adaptive compression ratio method may be used.

How do I put a PS2 game on a DVD player?

Select the DVD drive on the DVD copy program’s main screen from the Devices” or “Drive” drop down menu. Place the PS2 game disc on the disc tray. Select the DVD drive on the DVD copy program’s main screen from the Devices” or “Drive” drop down menu.

How do I make a copy of a DVD-9 disc?

Insert DVD-9 disc Run DVD Copy software and insert your DVD 9 disc into the DVD drive. Click the pull-down arrow of Source and browse your source DVD. Select “DVD Disc” as the output target. After done this, click the Start button to begin the copy process.