What is developmental model of supervision?

What is developmental model of supervision?

The integrated developmental model of clinical supervision (IDM) posits that professional development occurs in a domain-specific manner, indicated by changes in three over-arching structures that serve as markers for development. Similar changes occur for the structures of motivation and autonomy across levels.

What are the two types of supervision?

Types of Supervision: Autocratic, Laissez-faire, Democratic and Bureaucratic Supervision

  • Autocratic or Authoritarian supervision:
  • Laissez-faire or free-rein supervision:
  • Democratic supervision:
  • Bureaucratic supervision:

What are developmental models?

Developmental Models A developmental model serves as a guide against which client behavior can be compared. For example, one model used to assess individuals’ behavior is based on eight stages of psychosocial development from birth to late adulthood as defined by 20th century psychoanalyst Erik Erikson.

How does supervision help social workers?

Supervision protects clients, supports practitioners, and ensures that professional standards and quality services are delivered by competent social workers. The NASW Code of Ethics and the ASWB Model Social Work Practice Act serve as foundation documents in the development of the supervision standards.

What is meant by supervision?

Supervision is the act or function of overseeing something or somebody. A person who performs supervision is a “supervisor”, but does not always have the formal title of supervisor. A person who is getting supervision is the “supervisee”.

What is the developmental model of supervision?

Developmental models of supervision have dominated supervision thinking and research since the 1980s. Developmental conceptions of supervision are based on two basic assumptions: In the process of moving toward competence supervisees move through a series of stages that are qualitatively different from one another.

How important is professional supervision in social work?

Professional supervision is central to effective social work. I think we can all agree on that. It plays an important role in the wider functioning of any children’s social care organisation. It is good to see the government setting out the role of practice supervisors in its knowledge and skills statements: not much to argue with there.

What is the supervision framework?

The exposition of this supervision framework embraces the Department of Social Development, NGOs, other state department, local government and social workers in private practice in how they should conduct effective supervision; however this framework needs to be customised to suit their varied needs.

What is a working definition of supervision?

A Working Definition* of Supervision “A formal process of professional support and learning which enables practitioners to develop knowledge and competence , assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety in complex situations.” England Department of Health, 1993 *Applicable to all stages of practice 6