What is dental Code D7290?

What is dental Code D7290?

D7290 surgical reposition of teeth Grafting procedure(s) is/are additional.

What is dental Code D4270?

D4270—Pedicle soft tissue graft Purpose: A pedicle tissue graft is performed to “fix” gum recession. This procedure code can be used to report the tunneling procedure technique or the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique. It involves augmenting the gingiva to obtain adequate root coverage.

What is a Coronally advanced flap?

Coronally advanced flap (CAF) with or without the use of connective tissue graft is considered the gold standard for root coverage due to its ability to achieve complete root coverage in favorable defects, superior esthetic outcomes and blending with surrounding gingiva, and the possible realignment and increase in …

What is dental Code D7286?

Biopsy, bone, excisional; deep. D7286. Biopsy of oral. tissue (soft)

What is dental Code D4277?

D4277 free soft tissue graft procedure (including recipient and donor surgical sites) first. tooth, implant, or edentulous tooth position in graft.

What is dental Code D7111?

A primary tooth with no roots remaining is appropriately reported using code D7111 extraction, coronal remnants – primary tooth. This procedure is performed when the crown of the tooth is retained by soft tissue.

When do you use the Coronally advanced flap?

Among all the different techniques, the use of a graft under a coronally advanced flap results in the best short- and long-term outcomes in terms of root coverage and gain in keratinized tissue. The use of a coronally advanced flap + connective tissue graft would appear to be the best choice for root coverage.

What is modified Widman flap?

Actually, the modified Widman flap surgery may be considered a modification of subgingival curettage with the raising of flaps, assuring better access to the root surfaces and a better control of removal of the pocket lining with a lesser mechanical trauma to the gingival tissues than during curettage.