What is Crypto ISAKMP?

What is Crypto ISAKMP?

Description. This command configures Internet Key Exchange (IKE) policy parameters for the Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP). To define settings for a ISAKMP policy, issue the command crypto isakmp policy then press Enter.

What is an SA in IPSec?

An IPsec security association (SA) specifies security properties that are recognized by communicating hosts. These hosts typically require two SAs to communicate securely. A single SA protects data in one direction. The protection is either to a single host or a group (multicast) address.

What is IKE SA and IPSec?

Bidirectional, simply means that a single SA is agreed upon and used to send and receive to the remote peer. The IKE SA is simply a “channel” not tunnel (no IPsec encap. type). The IPsec SA must be unidirectional (each peer has 2 SAs with separate keying material), 1 SA to send and 1 SA to recieve from the remote peer.

What is the difference between ISAKMP and IPSec?

IPSec does use IKE, but ISAKMP is part of IKE. IKE establishs the shared security policy and authenticated keys. ISAKMP is the protocol that specifies the mechanics of the key exchange. The confusion, (for me,) is that in the Cisco IOS ISAKMP/IKE are used to refer to the same thing.

What is ISAKMP group?

The first is the ISAKMP client group. This is created using the name}> command. This command defines the majority of the client configuration and the group policy information that is used to support the IPsec client connections.

What is SA and SPI?

The Security Parameter Index (SPI) is a very important element in the SA. An SPI is a 32-bit number that is used to uniquely identify a particular SA for any connected device. A Security Association (SA) is an agreement between two devices about how to protect information during communication.

What is IKEv2 child SA?

CHILD SA is the IKEv2 term for IKEv1 IPSec SA. At a later instance, it is possible to create additional CHILD SAs to using a new tunnel. This exchange is called as CREATE_CHILD_SA exchange.

What is Phase 1 and 2 IPSec VPN?

The main purpose of Phase 1 is to set up a secure encrypted channel through which the two peers can negotiate Phase 2. The purpose of Phase 2 negotiations is for the two peers to agree on a set of parameters that define what traffic can go through the VPN, and how to encrypt and authenticate the traffic.

Is IKE and ISAKMP are same?

ISAKMP is part of the internet key exchange for setting up phase one on the tunnel. “IKE establishes the shared security policy and authenticated keys. ISAKMP is the protocol that specifies the mechanics of the key exchange.” Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) protocol.

What port does ISAKMP run on?

UDP port 500
ISAKMP traffic normally goes over UDP port 500, unless NAT-T is used in which case UDP port 4500 is used.