What is calcio storico?

What is calcio storico?

In this spirti began Calcio Storico – ‘ historic football’ – also known as Calcio Fiorentino. – most brutal sport on Earth, held in tournament. It could be argued that the latter group has an allegorical advantage, since the spectacle plays out in their city’s main square each year.

What is the Calcio Storico parade?

A Parade that precedes the final, because Calcio Storico is not just a sporting event, but a celebration of Florence. This is an all-day event. Starting in the morning, with people in costume taking over the streets and celebrating throughout the day. The parade starts roughly around 4pm since the final should start around 5pm.

What are the rules of calcio storico?

The official rules of the Calcio Storico were first published in 1580 by Giovanni de’ Bardi, a Florentine count. Invented by rich aristocreats, Calcio was originally just played by just the higher social class and took place every night between Epiphany and Lent.

When did Calcio friorentino return to Florence?

So, Calcio Friorentino returned to show in Piazzaa Santa Croce, suitably covered by a mantle of sand and transformed into a playing field, in 1930 , on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Siege of Florence. The newspapers on Sunday 4 May 1930 celebrated the resumption of the first Florentine football match.

Where is Azzurri?

Classic Rossi tactics. It is in the north-west quadrant of the city, that comprehends the Arno, Ponte Vecchio, Porta al Prato up to half of the Fortezza da Basso. Here the color is Azzurri (Blues). Some are terrible at offense but through their sheer determination and willingness to sacrifice their bodies are able to give any team a struggle.

When was the last game played in Florence?

Even today it is possible to observe, in various points of Florence, walled tombstones in which this prohibition is reported. The last official game that we know of was played in January 1739 in the square of Santa Croce, in the presence of Maria Teresa, future empress of Austria.