What is axial view of elbow?

What is axial view of elbow?

The Coyle’s view or trauma oblique view of the elbow is an axial projection that is performed in addition to the standard elbow series when there is suspicion of a radial head or capitellum fracture.

What are the projection used for elbow joint?

The craniocaudal projection should align the tuber olecranon and proximal portion of the ulna, superimposing them over the center of the humeral condyle and supracondylar foramen of the distal humerus (Figures 2B and 2C).

When should I xray my elbow?

Patients who cannot fully extend their elbow after injury should be referred for radiography, as they have a nearly 50% chance of fracture. For those able to fully extend their elbow, radiography can be deferred if the practitioner is confident that an olecranon fracture is not present.

Does the ulna have a shaft?

Ulnar shaft The shaft of the ulna is tapered distally and thicker around the neck and proximal portion. Its lateral side is sharp and gives rise to the interosseous membrane between the two bones of the forearm, hence the name – interosseous border.

What projection and position of the elbow best demonstrate the coronoid process in profile?

The elbow medial oblique view is a specialized projection, utilized to demonstrate both the coronoid process in profile and the olecranon process sitting within the olecranon fossa of the humerus.

What anatomical structure is shown in profile on a lateral projection of the humerus?

A lateral projection of the entire humerus, including elbow and shoulder joints, should be visible. A true lateral projection is evidenced by the following: Epicondyles are directly superimposed. Lesser tubercle is shown in profile medially, partially superimposed by lower portion of glenoid cavity.

What is an elbow series radiograph?

The elbow series is a set of radiographs taken to investigate elbow joint pathology, often in the context of trauma. It usually comprises an AP and lateral projection, although other non-standard, modified projections are utilised for specific indications.

What is lateral elbow view in radiography?

The lateral elbow view is part of the two view elbow series, examining the distal humerus, proximal radius and ulna. It is deceptively one of the more technically demanding projections in radiography 1-3.

What does an xray of the elbow look for?

Purpose and Structures Shown This view should demonstrate the bones of the elbow and proximal forearm, as well as the distal humerus and the elbow joint and soft tissue of the elbow. Soft tissue of the fat pads should be visible. On an elbow X-ray, a fat pad sign suggests an occult fracture.

What is AP elbow projection in radiography?

It is deceptively one of the more technically demanding projections in radiography 1-3. The projection is the orthogonal view of the AP elbow allowing for examination of the ulna-trochlear joint, coronoid process, and the olecranon process.