What is Autodiscover service and how it works?

What is Autodiscover service and how it works?

The Autodiscover service minimizes user configuration and deployment steps by providing clients access to Exchange features. For Exchange Web Services (EWS) clients, Autodiscover is typically used to find the EWS endpoint URL. Active Directory stores and provides authoritative URLs for domain-joined computers.

How can autodiscover services work internally and externally?

In order to verify Autodiscover service, check “Use Autodiscover” box and click “Test”. Autodiscover URL and information whether the connection succeeded can be found under Log tab.

What is the purpose of an Exchange Autodiscover?

Introduced in Exchange Server 2007, the primary purpose of the Exchange Autodiscover service is to establish initial connections to Exchange user mailboxes. Once that connection has been made, it also helps Outlook access Exchange Server features such as the offline address book and unified messaging.

What protocol does autodiscover use?

Autodiscover HTTP Service Protocol
The Autodiscover HTTP Service Protocol provides a way for Autodiscover clients to find Autodiscover servers. This protocol extends the Domain Name System (DNS) and directory services to make the location and settings of mail servers available to clients.

How does autodiscover work in exchange?

The AutoDiscover service simplifies Outlook client deployment by creating an automatic connection between Exchange Server and Outlook 2007 clients without the need for using special scripts, complex user intervention, or tools such as the Custom Installation Wizard from the Office Resource Kit.

How do I test Autodiscover Exchange?

Holding down CTRL, right click on the Outlook icon in your system tray. This will give you a few additional options including “Test Email AutoConfiguration…”. In the window that appears enter a set of valid credentials, make sure to leave only “Use Autodiscover” selected and click “Test”.

How does autodiscover work in Exchange?

What is Autodiscover in exchange 2013?

When you install a Client Access server in Exchange 2013, a default virtual directory named Autodiscover is created under the default website in Internet Information Services (IIS).

What is the outlook Autodiscover virtual directory?

This virtual directory handles Autodiscover service requests from Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013 clients and supported mobile phones under the following circumstances: When an Outlook client periodically checks for changes to the Exchange Web Services URLs

Why do I need to deploy the Autodiscover service?

Deploying the Autodiscover service is only one step in making sure your Exchange services, such as the Availability service, can be accessed by Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013 clients.

What is Autodiscover SCP in AD DS?

Autodiscover makes it easy to retrieve the information that you need to connect to mailboxes on Exchange servers. SCP objects locate those Autodiscover servers or endpoints appropriate for the user you’re retrieving settings for. And SCP objects in AD DS provide an easy way for domain-joined clients to look up Autodiscover servers.