What is another word for currency?

What is another word for currency?

What is another word for currency?

money cash
coinage notes
bills coins
legal tender banknotes
bread bucks

How much is a couple of hours?

I take it as 2 hours +/- 30 minutes. It’s a rough estimate. I’d usually expect at least 2 hours, probably less than 8, depending on context.

How many weeks does several weeks mean?

several Add to list Share. Two is a “couple” and more than two or three is several. If you eat four donuts you can say you had several but you may have had too many — especially if you get a stomach-ache. Several is a word that shows size or number when you can’t be specific or when you want to summarize.

How many is considered a couple?


What is another word for few?

In this page you can discover 63 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for few, like: some, several, a couple of, scant, less, fewness, scarce, a-few, a handful, scattered and straggling.

What does a couple hundred mean?

generally a couple of [things] = 2 [things] ex) a couple of “days” = 2 “days”, a couple of “months” = 2 “months” so yes, a couple of “hundred dollars” = 2 “hundred dollars” a few, means more than 2 ex) do you have a few dollars you can loan me? (more than 2 dollars) do you have a couple of dollars you can loan me (2 …

What is a 3 person couple called?

Taylor offers this definition: “A throuple is a relationship between three people who have all unanimously agreed to be in a romantic, loving, relationship together with the consent of all people involved.” You may also hear a throuple referred to as a three-way relationship, triad, or closed triad.

What does a few days ago mean?

Few days back is used when the uncertain day was short time back. Few days ago means that the uncertain day was a little longer back.

What are some examples of currency?

List of major world payment currencies

Rank Currency Currency
1 United States dollar United States dollar
2 Euro Euro
3 Pound sterling Pound sterling
4 Japanese yen Japanese yen

What does currency mean in writing?

to how recent the

What does a 2 week turnaround mean?

a two-week swing. a two-week performance. exact ( 4 ) The time it takes to repair a clock: Usually there’s a two-week turnaround. 1.

What does a couple three mean?

To her, it meant two or three (literally a couple or three), which as the person before me noted, translates into a few or a small number. Today it could be considered functionally redundant because “a couple” now, according to Merriam Webster, encompasses the meaning of “an indefinite small number.”

What does a few hundred mean?

A few hundred is the same, anywhere from 200–500, maybe even 6. There are ‘a’few’ of these phrases that mean approximately is English. A couple is more restricted, usually, to just 2 or 3.

How much is a few seconds?

Saying “a few” seconds, generally means 2 or more, but there is no “definition” of the maximum “a few” means. Five is probably a save bet. I don’t know that “pauses for seconds” is wrong, but I never people say “for seconds” without including a measurement, e.g. “for 10 seconds”.

How many days means a few days?


What does in a few weeks mean?

‘A few’ is basically a small number, more than two but not much more. If somebody tells me that something will be done in a few weeks and I trust them, I would take it to mean about 3 weeks, possibly 4 or 5 but not more than that. If they thought it would be about two weeks they’d have said ‘a couple of weeks’.


: a large number of persons or things many are called. many. noun, plural in construction. Definition of many (Entry 3 of 3) 1 : a large but indefinite number a good many of them.

How much is a couple of weeks?

The court had to determine the definition of “a couple of weeks.” NFC argued that “a couple” is two and each week has seven days, so “a couple of weeks” means exactly 14 days.

What is couple and example?

A couple consists of two parallel forces that are equal in magnitude, opposite in sense and do not share a line of action. For example, the forces that two hands apply to turn a steering wheel are often (or should be) a couple. Each hand grips the wheel at points on opposite sides of the shaft.

How many is a couple and a few?

A couple is usually two (a married couple), or sometimes ‘about two’ if you are being vague (a couple of dozen, a couple of inches). A few is more than a couple, but not as many as several.

What does a few days mean?

A ‘few’ means (roughly) 3-10; not many: ‘a few days’ = ‘several days’ ‘A few’ can be used for ‘two’ as well, but it isn’t usually more than 8-10.

What is a couple?

1a : two persons married, engaged, or otherwise romantically paired. b : two persons paired together The people were lined up in couples. 2 : pair, brace needed a couple of bookends. 3 : something that joins or links two things together: such as. a : two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines.