What is an amendment 3 consumer unit?

What is an amendment 3 consumer unit?

The third amendment to BS 7671:2011 (IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition), which was published in January and comes into effect on 1 July, will include a new regulation requiring consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies in domestic premises to have a non-combustible enclosure.

What is 17th edition consumer unit?

From DIYWiki. Following the 2008 changes to the wiring regulations most circuits are now required to be RCD protected and a new type of Consumer unit has become popular for use in domestic properties. This is commonly called a 17th Edition Consumer Unit.

Can plastic consumer units still be used?

Are plastic consumer units legal? Yes. You can buy a brand new plastic consumer unit, so long as it’s housed in a non-combustible casing. Any old plastic consumer units are still legal too, they’ll just need new casing to make them meet regulations.

Is 17th edition still valid?

At Midnight 31st December 2018, 17th Edition Regulations expired. Existing electricians who currently hold the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (AMD3) qualification have until July 2019 to upgrade using the 1 day course.

Can you install plastic consumer units?

Compliance. For the remainder of the year either plastic or metal consumer units can be installed in a domestic premise, although there is nothing precluding earlier compliance with the amended regulations. From 1 January onwards plastic consumer units can still be fitted but only in non-domestic installations.

Can you still install 17th edition consumer units?

Under the 17th Edition requirements it is still possible to install some circuits in domestic premises that are not fed via an RCD. Different wiring systems would need to be used.

Can you still fit 17th edition consumer units?

Do I need 18th edition if I have 17th?

After conducting a survey and listening to feedback from our cardholders, the ECS has amended the deadline by which Registered Electricians with the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations must gain the 18th Edition. From 01 January 2020, when Registered Electricians renew their card they must hold the 18th Edition.

Do consumer units need to be boxed in?

According to building regulations your consumer unit should be enclosed in a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustible material such as steel. …

When did the 17th edition wiring regulations 3rd amendment come into effect?

The 17th Edition Wiring Regulations 3rd Amendment released in January 2015 requires all Installations designed after the 1st July 2015 to comply with the latest changes to the regulations.

What is the 17th edition Amendment 3 workshop?

Develop Training has created a 1 day 17th Edition Amendment 3 Workshop to help all concerned get up to date with the Amendment 3 changes. Bookings are now being taken for the course, with dates running from as early as February 2015. Find out more and book online here

What does Amendment 3 mean for your switchgear?

To address this issue Amendment 3 will provide a degree of enhanced fire risk protection, requiring switchgear assemblies – including consumer units – to have their enclosures made from a suitable non-combustible material, or be installed in a cabinet or enclosure comprised from a suitable non-combustible material, for example steel.

What is a 17th edition cu?

This is the basic 17th edition CU. Typical examples are usually fixed 5+5 and 6+6 way split CUs and there is no provision for non RCD positions. These consumer units are best suited to small properties that have no power to external buildings and only a few circuits.