What is Aegisthus reason for killing Agamemnon?

What is Aegisthus reason for killing Agamemnon?

Aegisthus replies that because of his exile, he could not get close enough to Agamemnon to kill him. He claims that his henchmen and the treasury will enable him to control the city.

Is Clytemnestra justified in killing Agamemnon?

The actions of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra are not justified because they are caused by their blinding hubris and desire for power. Agamemnon makes the choice to kill his daughter just so he could lead his troops to Troy. Agamemnon kills his daughter, Iphigenia, for power and respect.

Is Clytemnestra’s revenge just or unjust?

Clytemnestra’s murder of Agamemnon is entirely unjustified. Holding a grudge for the past ten years of Agamemnon’s absence, Clytemnestra does whatever it takes to get revenge on her husband.

What are the three motives for the murders of Agamemnon and Cassandra?

No matter the order in which the motives are listed, it is generally agreed upon that revenge, jealousy, and to further the curse are the three reasons for Clytemnestra’s actions, although Aeschylus seems to make it very clear that he believes she is motivated by motherly grief in his beginning description of …

How does Clytemnestra trick Agamemnon?

To punish Agamemnon, Artemis causes storms to ground the Greek fleet in the place called Aulis. Agamemnon summons his wife Clytemnestra, telling her to bring Iphigenia to Aulis. (Sometimes the detail is included that Agamemnon tricks his wife and daughter into coming by saying that Iphigenia is to marry Achilles.)

What is Clytemnestra’s main motive for revenge?

What was sacrificed to Artemis?

Here, Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks, accidentally kills a deer in a grove sacred to the goddess Artemis. Calchas the seer tells Agamemnon that to appease Artemis, he must sacrifice his eldest daughter, Iphigenia.

Why does Clytemnestra kill Cassandra?

Agamemnon would have killed Clytemnestra if he discovered her infidelity, so Agamemnon had to die. Cassandra was a witness so she had to die. Perhaps Cassandra also reminded Clytemnestra of her daughter Iphigeneia, whom her own father Agamemnon had sacrificed at Aulis to ensure fair winds to sail to Troy.

Why does Agamemnon sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia?

At Aulis , the leader of the Greeks, Agamemnon, accidentally kills a deer in a grove sacred to the goddess Artemis. She punishes him by interfering with the winds so that his fleet cannot sail to Troy. The seer Calchas reveals that, to appease Artemis, Agamemnon must sacrifice his eldest daughter, Iphigenia.

Why did Agamemnon go to war with Troy?

The cause of the war was the elopement of Agamemnon’s brother’s wife, Helen, with Paris, a prince of Troy. After the literary time of the poem, the city was destroyedwhen the Greeks pretended to leave after secreting a squad of soldiers in a gigantic wooden horse monument, which the Trojans brought inside the walls. Was Hector a Trojan?

Why is Agamemnon call as Greek tragedy?

Agamemnon is what we call a greek tragedy in the sense that it is based upon the assassination of the title character.