What is a synonym for acclimatize?

What is a synonym for acclimatize?

verb. 1’the need to acclimatize to life at 3,000 metres’ adjust, adapt, attune, accustom, get accustomed, get someone accustomed, get used, get someone used, accommodate, habituate, assimilate, acculturate, become inured, harden, condition, reconcile, become resigned, resign oneself.

What acclimatization means?

acclimatization, any of the numerous gradual, long-term responses of an organism to changes in its environment. Such responses are more or less habitual and reversible should environmental conditions revert to an earlier state.

What is the opposite of acclimatize?

Opposite of to adapt to a new climate or environment. disarrange. refuse. unsuit.

What is the opposite of acclimate?

Opposite of to get, or make, accustomed to a given condition or situation. soften. neglect. sensitizeUS.

How do you acclimatize?

Acclimatising Safely

  1. Ascend Gradually.
  2. Climb High, Sleep Low.
  3. Don’t Over Do It.
  4. Eat Well.
  5. Drink Well.
  6. Do Not Ascend Further with AMS Symptoms.
  7. Drugs & Pills.
  8. Enjoy Yourself.

What are the types of acclimatization?

Acclimatization methods consist of two types, heat and altitude acclimitazation. Heat acclimatization, sometimes referred to generically as heat training, is a technique directed to improving athletic performance in warm climates. The process of acclimatization is distinct from heat acclimation.

What does acclimatize mean?

acclimatize(Verb) To get used to a new climate. acclimatize(Verb) To make used to a new climate or one that is different from that which is natural; to inure or habituate to other circumstances; to adapt to the peculiarities of a foreign or strange climate.

How to use “acclimated” in a sentence?

He said Monday he would use the time to get acclimated.

  • Sorjaturong claims he was unable to acclimate to the high altitude.
  • Even Tom Seaver had to acclimate himself to the big leagues.
  • The first step is to acclimate the body to regular training.
  • Hey,it took a generation before society acclimated to PCs.
  • What is the meaning of acclimatized?

    acclimatizes; acclimatized; acclimatizing. Learner’s definition of ACCLIMATIZE. : to adjust or adapt to a new climate, place, or situation : acclimate — usually + to. [no object] The mountain climbers spent a few days acclimatizing [=becoming adjusted] to the high altitude.

    What is another word for acclimated?

    Another word for acclimate. verb. To make or become suitable to a particular situation or use: acclimatize, accommodate, adapt, adjust, conform, fashion, fit1, reconcile, square, suit, tailor. See change. To make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure: acclimatize, caseharden, harden, indurate, season, toughen.