What is a reverse French braid called?

What is a reverse French braid called?

Dutch braid: A Dutch braid (also called an inverted French braid or pineapple braid) is created when the three hair sections are crossed under each other, instead of over. It results in the look of a braid standing up from the rest of the hair, instead of being under the hair.

How to make a French braid?

Take a chunk of hair at the front of your head and separate it into three strands.

  • Cross them as in a classic braid once,placing the side strands over the middle one.
  • Continue braiding,adding new hair from the sides to the side strand before crossing it over.
  • When you reach the nape of your head,gently pull at the sections to loosen the braid. Then,continue braiding a classic three-strand braid with the remaining hair.
  • When you reach the tips,secure the braid with an elastic and pull at the lower sections to loosen them too.
  • What is the difference between a French braid and a braid?

    Difference between a French Braid and a Braid. A French braid starts at the top of the head, whereas a regular braid can start anywhere. Typically, a regular braid starts towards the bottom of the head, at or near the nape of the neck. In a regular braid, the entire hair is taken and separated into three sections for use.

    Why are French braids called French braids?

    The French braid is also called an invisible braid, because it has an inverted appearance created by crossing the three strands over each other. French braids are most easily done on damp hair. The partings may be made either with the fingers or with the end of a tail comb, a long narrow comb that comes to a point.

    How to do double French braids?

    – The first step to creating the perfect double French braid is to divide your hair down the center of your head. – Working on one-half of your head at a time, divide the top layer of your hair into three even segments, then begin to weave it into a plait by bringing – With each fold that you create, add more hair into the plait from the side of your head, creating an instant French braid effect. – Continue this pattern to the end of your head and when you run out of hair to add into your braid, simply continue with a simple and traditional three-segment braid – Repeat the entire process from step 2- step 4 on the other side of your head and voila!