What is a raw jeans cut?

What is a raw jeans cut?

Specifically, new raw (or “rigid,” or “dry”) jeans. You know, the kind cut from denim that’s never been exposed to water, leaving all that beautiful, inky indigo in place rather than washing away for the sake of a vintage treatment.

Why choose White’s boots?

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Are there any shoes for men by G-Star Raw?

Browse the vast collection of shoes for men by G-Star RAW. Our collection offers trainers, boots and dress shoes to go with every outfit. Just like our clothing, our men’s shoes collection offer a modern view on classic designs.

Can You Dry Crock raw denim?

The real answer: You can’t. Dry crocking — the process by which dye transfers onto lighter-colored objects — is a part of the deal when you jump on the raw denim bandwagon.