What is a pleaser bet?

What is a pleaser bet?

A pleaser bet is a bet that allows the player to move the line in the sportsbook’s favor, in exchange for better than normal odds. It is similar to a teaser except the sportsbook is gaining the better line while you receive the chance at a higher payout as the player.

How does a pleaser parlay work?

Pleasers are a type of parlay that involve combining multiple point spread wagers or multiple totals wagers into a single bet. Just as with standard parlays, all selections must be correct for the wager to win.

What is a 6 point pleaser?

To define a pleaser bet in simple terms: a pleaser bet is the exact opposite of a teaser bet. For example, in a 2 team six point teaser bet with base lines of Jets +1.5 and Colts -8.5, you end up with a combo bet of Jets +7.5 / Colts -2.5 at -110 (risk $1.10 to win $1.00).

What is a teaser and pleaser bet?

Teasers and pleasers are versions of parlay or combined wagers that allow the bettor to adjust point spreads in exchange for a lower potential return. In some ways, teasers and pleasers are opposite sides of the same coin.

What does a teaser pay?

A teaser in sports betting is essentially a parlay with alternate point spreads or totals moved in your favor. The most common teaser is a two-team, six-point football teaser that pays the same as one normal point spread bet at -110 and gives you six extra points on those spreads.

What is a mixed teaser?

Similar to a Parlay, a teaser is a combination of 2 to 10 football or basketball wagers with the difference being that you can change the point spreads and/or totals to your favor in exchange for a lower payout.

What’s the difference between a tease and a parlay?

Teasers are a type of parlay bet that can only include bets against the spread or on totals. Teasers allow bettors to adjust spreads in their favor in exchange for a smaller potential payout.

Most pleasers are for 6 points, however many books allow you to give away more points for better odds. Typically, pleasers contain anywhere from 2-6 teams, but again, some more aggressive books will allow more teams to be used. Pleaser bets are generally only available on football and basketball spreads.

Should you play pleasers in sports betting?

It can be fun, although not very smart, to pick 4 or 5 teams, fire up a pleaser bet, and hope for the best. Who knows, you may be running well and get lucky that day. Playing pleasers in this way is similar to playing a slot machine hoping for a big payout.

What is the best point spread for teaser betting?

As such, teasers that go from a loss to a win on these point spreads are the best of all teasers. Pleasers are opposite of teasers, so three and seven are the absolute worst point spreads in pleaser betting. The correct strategy here, in our view at least, is to find the lowest value points to cross.

How does the number of points in a spread affect odds?

The odds will increase as the number of points the spread moves by is increased. This is only logical, as a bigger move makes it harder to get the selection right. So a seven-point pleaser would have higher odds than a six-point pleaser, while a four-point pleaser would have lower odds.