What is a pen mandrel?

What is a pen mandrel?

A mandrel is a round steel rod that you slide the wood blank with the brass tube inserted onto. We use the B mandrel on some kits because the thicker diameter helps prevent whip while turning and allows for a much better result.

What is pen turning?

This is a several step process that includes preparing the pen blanks for the lathe (a “blank” is just the material you’re using for the pen), turning the pen blanks, sanding the pen blanks, adding a finish, and assembly. …

What kind of jig do you use to drill a pen?

Pen-Blank Drilling Jig Simple, but efficient, this holder adds precision while cutting down time. A drill press plays a major role in pen-making but is effective only if you hold the blank securely and squarely while drilling. Made from any available shop scrap, this jig with its integral clamping fence promises perfect results every time.

How do you use a pen blank on a fence jig?

Extra holes drilled into the top of the fence store pen-blank drill bits when not in use. To use, put the pen blank in place and hold it tight with a spring clamp. Center the bit over the blank and clamp the jig to the drill-press table.

What do you need to know about pen turning lathes?

When it comes to pen turning lathes, there are a few things you’ll need to consider: Size – Big lathes can turn pens, but small lathes cannot turn anything else other than pens and small projects. MT2 – Morse Taper 2 or MT2 is the common size for the headstock and tailstock of most wood lathes.

Can you turn a pen on the lathe without a pen mandrel?

You cannot turn a pen on the lathe without a pen mandrel. It can be confusing which pen mandrel to get, as there are a few variations. The one I used the most works with a “mandrel saver”. With the mandrel saver, you can bring your tailstock up to fit the length of your turning easily.