What is a Nia White Belt?

What is a Nia White Belt?

The Nia White Belt Training presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. If you choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment, this training is a starting point to become a master student.

How do I become a Nia teacher?

To become a Nia teacher, you need to take the White Belt. Dedicated to the Art of Sensation, during your White Belt you will learn the first 13 Principles of Nia and from there you can immediately begin teaching.

How many belts in Nia?

Each of the six belts mentioned has a separate set of principles. (At least I THINK the additional Black Belt has principles.) There are 13 principles for each belt, each belt also has a focus. The Nia Blue Belt Training’s focus is the Art of Communication.

What are the benefits of Nia?

Nia alleviates anxiety and stress, producing a sense of calm energy. Weight loss, increased strength, and relief from pain are common. Nia alleviates depression and helps you reclaim your sense of joy. It helps you awaken your sexuality, and improve your health and circulation.

Who invented NIA?

The Nia Technique was founded in 1983 by Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas in the San Francisco area. Nia combines martial arts, modern dance arts and yoga in a workout set to music.

Is Nia good exercise?

A unique blending of the fluidity and focus of Tai Chi and yoga, the grace and spontaneity of modern dance, and the energy and explosiveness of martial arts, NIA boosts both physical and emotional well-being, say enthusiasts around the country.

What is Nia fitness class?

The Nia Technique is a barefoot fitness class that combines simple dance moves with martial arts and healing arts to provide a total body workout that includes your mind, emotions and spirit. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindfulness and holistic fitness and well-being.

What is Nia good for?

What is Nia stand for?

National Investigation Agency
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. National Investigation Agency. Seal of NIA.

What does NIA stand for dance?

Neuromusculare Integrative Action
Nia (Neuromusculare Integrative Action) is a holistic movement practice that works with elements from martial arts, dance and relaxation techniques and brings together body, mind and soul.

What is NIA stand for?

What is the NIA white belt training?

The Nia White Belt training (the first level of advanced training for any Nia teacher), focuses on how a body functions. Because I chose to train in Portland, Oregon with one of the co-founders, Debbie Rosas, I had the opportunity to learn from the developer herself.

How is Nia training different from other martial arts?

First of all, the Nia training is different than taking classes or workshops with your Nia teacher. Advanced trainings are held for an entire week – 6 full days. The training is progressive so each person begins with the White Belt Training. The training levels were inspired by the martial arts progression,…

What does it take to become a Nia teacher?

Nia teachers are expected to understand basic physiology and learn how to teach to Nia students so that the students get the most out of exercising and do not injury themselves. The Nia White Belt training (the first level of advanced training for any Nia teacher), focuses on how a body functions.

What is Nia?

Nia (pronounced “knee-ah”) is a mind body fusion fitness program that expects a lot from its teachers. Nia carefully evolved from extensive analysis of anatomy and physiology so that each of the moves compliments the body’s normal function and movement.