What is a little mustache called?

What is a little mustache called?

A pencil moustache is a thin line of hair, usually just above the line of the upper lip. It is supposed to look narrow enough to have been drawn on with a pencil (or eyeliner). Often a man wearing a pencil moustache will shave the area above it to accentuate the remaining hair.

What are the different types of goatees?


  • GOATEE. A standard goatee is just grown from the chin and soul patch but does not include the mustache.
  • CHIN PUFF. The chin puff bears the closest resemblance to an actual goat.
  • CIRCLE BEARD. The circle beard is the most common goatee style.

What is the thin beard called?

Thin Beard Styles Also known as a box beard, you want to consider the line your mustache and beard make and shave your facial hair in a way to play up this connection. In the process, you end up shaving or shaping those patchy areas.

Is a soul patch a goatee?

A soul patch is a small hair tuft connecting a wearer’s goatee to their lower lip, and it’s a pretty easy style to achieve and maintain – indeed, soul patches have even been described as ‘training wheels’ for a full-on beard, although some more advanced goatee wearers may be a little offended at the accusation.

What are sideburns called?

The original sideburns were called burnsides. Burnsides were a magnificent construction of facial hair, one to make any hipster jealous: thick strips of facial hair growing down the cheeks and connecting to a full mustache, but with a clean shaven chin.

What’s the difference between a goatee and a Van Dyke?

The two styles are often confused because of their similarities, but a goatee only covers the chin, while a Van Dyke also includes a mustache. Essentially, the goatee refers to a beard grown only on the chin — there are no sideburns and no connecting hairs leading to the upper lip.

Do goatees ever look good?

Does a goatee look good? If you’ve ever thought about trying a goatee, now’s the time. With the massive resurgence in facial hair trends for men, this classic beard type promises to make you look stylish and suave.

How do you keep a short goatee?

Short Beards: Grooming, Styling, and Maintenance Tips

  1. Grow Out Your Beard.
  2. Watch Your Neck Line.
  3. Look for the Best Style for Your Face Shape.
  4. Invest in Proper Beard Trimmers.
  5. Use Short-Bladed Scissors.
  6. Use a Boar Bristle Brush.
  7. Wash Your Beard Properly.
  8. Use Beard Oil/Balm.

What is a goatee?

: a small pointed or tufted beard on a man’s chin.

What is a scraggly beard?

If your beard makes you look like you live in a cardboard box under the bridge, then you have a scraggly beard problem. The term scraggly can mean different things. It could mean that there are so many stray hairs that you cannot even tell the shape of the person’s face.

What is the hair under a man’s lip called?

Also known as a mouche, jazz dab, or jazz dot, the soul patch is a tiny strip of hair placed just below the lower lip on a face that is otherwise clean shaven. The soul patch was originally associated with jazz culture.

What is the hair above a man’s lip called?

A moustache (UK: /məˈstɑːʃ/; American English: mustache, /ˈmʌstæʃ/) is a strip of facial hair grown above the upper lip.

What is the difference between a goatee and beard?

Patchiness. Patchiness is a very decisive factor as far as beard choice is concerned.

  • Face Shape. The 2nd most decisive factor is the shape of the face.
  • Maintenance. The next factor we will discuss is maintenance.
  • Shaving. We have already discussed shaving but let’s summarize.
  • Cost.
  • Level Of Difficulty To Achieve.
  • Should I grow a goatee?

    Choosing a Style Make sure you have the face for a goatee. A goatee is a good beard to grow if you have a weak chin, or a rounder face. Consider the contrast between your skin tone and hair color. The starker the contrast, the more dramatic your goatee will appear. Look at different styles for your goatee.

    How to trim a goatee?

    Start by using a Boar’s Hair Brush to shape your facial hair in a uniform direction.

  • Use the trimmer to carve the edges and shape of the goatee.
  • Remove any hair that you don’t want to incorporate into your goatee.
  • Use the guards that come with your electric trimmer to maintain the length of your goatee.
  • Use Beard Trimming Scissors to prune any stray hairs. Apply Beard Oil or Utility Balm to keep the hair and skin adequately hydrated and conditioned.
  • How should a goatee look?

    Keep trends in mind while shaping a goatee but new look should never be passé. The hottest look now is a bit of a hybrid style popularized by Johnny Depp. It’s a variation on the simple goatee, with a thin moustache, a small patch of hair under the chin, and another patch of hair on the chin.