What is a FMB sketch?

What is a FMB sketch?

Field Measurement Book (FMB) sketch is a compilation of map data that is stored in volumes by the Government at the respective Tahsildar office. In FMB’s, the individual survey number sketches are maintained at a scale of 1:1000 or 1:2000. Each sub-division number is owned by a property owner.

What is FMB line?

This book is known as Field Measurement Book or FMB in land. The survey number is individually preserved at a scale of 1:1000 or 1:2000. Survey numbers are categorized into various sub-divisions. The sub-division number helps to identify the property owner.

How can I get FMB sketch in Tamil Nadu online?

Currently, there’s no online procedure to get FMB Sketch in Tamil Nadu. However, the landowner of the property can easily obtain the Tamil Nadu FMB sketch or map from the Tahasildar office. So, just visit and request the concerned Tahsildar to provide you the same.

What is Topo sketch?

2) Topo Sketch a) The details of survey field boundary (Sub division) from each side of the site in which the proposed industries to be formed.

What is G-line surveying?

The G-line sketches the making of the entire sketch. It is an abstract line that transforms the sketch into various dimensions of triangles to allocate the boundary line and various points of the sketch. Any inaccuracies made in ascertaining the G-line will damage the calculations done herewith.

How can apply FMB sketch in Kerala?


  1. To obtain the FMB sketch copy of your land, visit the Taluk Office of your respective area.
  2. Visit the Office and get the request form to obtain the FMB sketch copy of your land by providing the Survey number and ownership right in the relevant department.

How can I get FMB village in Tamilnadu?

How to get FMB Online?

  1. There is no online procedure in Tamil Nadu currently to get FMB Sketch.
  2. The applicants can also get the Tamil Nadu FMB Map or sketch at the Tahasildar office.
  3. The concerned Tahasildar maintains the FMB sketch, and upon the request, the authorized Tahasildar officer will survey the property.

How do you write a topographic profile?

Draw a horizontal line on the graph paper that is the length of your profile line. Draw vertical lines above your starting and ending points. Label the y-axis (vertical lines) with elevations making sure that your scale goes from highest to lowest on your cross-section (see step 3).

What is FMB in Kerala?

The government of Kerala launched a project called “Bhoomi Keralam E-Rekha Portal”. Through Portal which land records are digitalized in Kerala state. The online portal also gives excess to purchase the survey through the online payment method. …

A FMB sketch specifies the exact details pertaining to a land comprising of its dimensions, boundaries, features identified with a unique field number. Company Vakil with the help of expert professionals simplifies the process of registrations in India . we are transparent in quality, process, price and time consumption.

What are the FMB’s of a field?

The FMB’s also depicts the dimensions of each field boundaries and the sub divisions. The unit is called links. For example if number is 250, it means 2 full chains ( each chain = 100 links) and 50 links. 1 full chain = 66 feet. I have been waiting for this information for past few years. Now it is very useful.

What is field management book (FMB)?

The records are stored in volumes pertaining to each village in a compilation of a register or a book known as the Field Management Book (FMB). FMB sketch refers to an accumulation of map information stored in volumes by the Government of a state at the office of the Thasildar.

What is combined FMB?

Combined FMB is the process of arriving at a field drawing with the help of Combining different FMD’s together.