What is a DP 301p printer?

What is a DP 301p printer?

DP‑301P+. The D-Link 10/100 Fast Ethernet Parallel Port Print Server (DP-301P+) allows you to share a parallel port enabled printer across a network. With the DP-301P+, anyone on the network can readily access a shared printer.

What protocols does the DP-301P+ support?

The DP-301P+ supports all the major networking protocols such as TCP/IP, NetBEUI, AppleTalk, and EtherTalk. It is compatible with computers running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and all other TCP/IP compatible operating systems. The DP-301P+ is easily configured using a Web-browser.

How do I set up my DP-301P+ print server?

With the user-friendly Web-based setup, you can quickly configure your DP-301P+ Print Server from any computer on the network. A PSAdmin configuration program is also included to configure your DP-301P+ for Windows-based systems. Add the DP-301P+ to your home, school, or small office network for the convenience of a shared network printer.

What is the D-Link dpdp-301p+?

DP‑301P+. D-Link’s Fast Ethernet print server is a compact device that attaches to a parallel printer. This device permits the printer to print files from a large number of users connected over a Fast Ethernet network.

What is D-Link DP-301P+ print server?

Introduction The D-Link DP-301P+ Print Server is a packet size print server that connects to your Ethernet/Fast Ethernet network anywhere you wish to locate printer services.

How does the DP-301P+ work?

The DP-301P+ manages the flow of print files from workstations or file servers to connected printers, delivering print jobs to prin ters much faster than a file server or a PC acting as a print server can. The DP-301P+ includes easy-to-use software to install on most Windows-based networks.

How do I troubleshoot my ddp-301p+ parallel port print server?

DP-301P+ PARALLEL PORT PRINT SERVER CD-ROM (D-Link Click’n Connect, Manual and Software) 5V DC 2.5A Power Adapter 1 Remove the D-Link Click and Connect CD. 2 A. Be sure your Internet connection is active. DO NOT plug the print server in yet. Connect CD into your computer. 3 Click 3 Troubleshooting 1.

What is the endend of life DP-301P+ Express ethernetworktm Fast Ethernet print server?

End of Life D-Link, an industry leader in networking, introduces the DP-301P+ Express EtherNetworkTM Fast Ethernet Print Server. The DP-301P+ is a compact print server that allows you to share your parallel printer on an Ethernet network. Now, everyone on your network can enjoy the benefits of sharing a single printer.