What is a direct mail postcard?

What is a direct mail postcard?

According to USPS, a mailpiece must be rectangular and meet these dimensions to qualify as a postcard: At least 3-1/2” high X 5” long X 0.007” thick. No more than 4-1/4” high X 6” long X 0.016” thick.

How do you write a direct mailer?

Tips for Creating Direct Mail Offers Use engaging words. Keep things interesting by using words like “free.” This gets prospects excited about the great deal you’re giving them. Make it time sensitive. It’s important to create a sense of urgency with your offer.

What do you put on a postcard mailer?

11 Powerful Postcard Marketing Tips

  1. Clear Bold Headline.
  2. Use a Call-to-Action that converts.
  3. Clear relevant imagery.
  4. The Offer.
  5. Contact Information.
  6. Sell the benefits (not the features)
  7. Stick to one message.
  8. Track the performance.

What is every door direct mail?

Every Door Direct Mail – Retail™ service lets you reach every home, every address, every time. You simply pick the neighborhood you want to target, and a Postal Service™ carrier delivers your printed piece to every address while delivering the day’s mail.

How do you write a postcard copy?

Here are some copywriting tips to help you make your postcard printing as effective as possible.

  1. Determine the objectives of your postcard.
  2. Be mindful of the space available in your card.
  3. Emphasize the benefits of your product or service.
  4. Motivate people with a special offer.
  5. Create a powerful call-to-action.

Is direct marketing and direct mail the same?

Direct marketing is the parent of direct mail This is because direct mail is just one of a range of marketing options open to organisations to use within the direct marketing family.

How do I create a direct mail postcard?

Postcard design: How to do it well

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Craft a great headline.
  3. Use high-quality imagery.
  4. Personalize with data.
  5. Promote a compelling offer.
  6. Have a single, clear call to action.
  7. Track and attribute the results.

What makes a good postcard?

Your postcard copy should be short and sweet. A single line or two is often enough. You can use design with text to send a clear message. A large attention-getting headline with a short line of offer copy and a bold, well-defined call to action is perfect for most postcards.

Should I Send my postcard in an envelope?

Envelope or no envelope: Yes, one of the perks of going with a postcard is that you save money on postage and cut down on wasted paper. That being said, if you’re worried they may get damaged in the mail, it’s worth considering envelopes. Personally, I like to think that any wear or tear on the postcard simply adds to its character.

Do postcards require a stamp?

A stamp is a proof of payment for your postcard: without a stamp, no letter or postcard will be handled by the post office. Depending on the destination, the price of the stamp will vary. Depending on where you are sending the postcard, you may need two, three, or even more stamps.

Can I send a postcard from the ship?

Most cruise ships have Internet access now, and for a small fee you can send a photo postcard — complete with turquoise seas and graceful palm trees — that will arrive almost instantly at your loved one’s e-mail address. The famed Atlantis Resort and Casino is a Nassau hotspot.

Can I use a forever stamp to mail a postcard?

According to the USPS, these are non-denominated stamps because you can use them to mail letters weighing one ounce or less, regardless of the current postal rate. You can also use the forever stamp for international mail. However, you would have to use additional stamps because postage for overseas mail costs more than that of domestic mail.