What is a DeskBot?

What is a DeskBot?

“Deskbot” is an archetype of EARTH Machine-Type monsters of various Levels whose effects primarily focus on swarming the field and increasing their ATK and DEF. Despite the fact that all monsters in this archetype have an original ATK and DEF of 500, they can quickly reach numbers that rival some of the biggest monsters we’ve seen in Duel Links.

What is a DeskBot in ARCV?

ARC-V ” Deskbot “, known as ” Bunborg ” (ブンボーグ Bunbōgu) in the Japanese version, is an archetype of EARTH Machine monsters with 500 ATK and DEF. They are one of each Leveled monsters that support Machine monsters in general, with a swarm strategy and effects that increase their ATK and DEF.

How do you get DeskBot 009 back into the deck?

Use Switcheroo to shuffle Deskbot 009 back into the Deck and then send it to the Graveyard via Deskbot 004 or Special Summon it via Deskbot 003. Aside from Deskbot 009, none of your monsters have protection from removal.

Are deskbots good for synchro?

While Deskbots have high power output, their stat boosts only last till the End Phase leaving you with a field of low stat monsters. Psychic Wheeleder paired with Deskbot 003 gives you access to Synchro plays as a way to put high base-stat monsters on the field for consistent field presence.