What is a content provider?

What is a content provider?

Although content providers are meant to make data available to other applications, you may of course have activities in your application that allow the user to query and modify the data managed by your provider. The rest of this topic is a basic list of steps for building a content provider and a list of APIs to use.

Who supervises data protection compliance in Indonesia?

There are also sector-specific authorities that supervise their sector in tandem with MCI such as the Bank of Indonesia for data protection in banking sector, Ministry of Health that supervises the health sector and Financial Services Authority that supervises data protection compliance in non-banking financial service institutions. 2. Definitions

What is a content URI?

A content URI is a URI that identifies data in a provider. Content URIs include the symbolic name of the entire provider (its authority) and a name that points to a table or file (a path ). The optional id part points to an individual row in a table.

What is the authority of a provider?

A provider usually has a single authority, which serves as its Android-internal name. To avoid conflicts with other providers, you should use Internet domain ownership (in reverse) as the basis of your provider authority.