What is a Class A courtesy car?

What is a Class A courtesy car?

The courtesy cars are typically small 4 door hatchbacks, classed by insurers as Class A or B; courtesy vans are typically car derived vans. All courtesy cars can be delivered to your door when your damaged vehicle is collected for repair by your chosen Repair Centre.

What’s the difference between a courtesy car and a hire car?

A courtesy car will be available to you if your car is being repaired with one of our approved repairers (subject to availability) following a claim. Hire Car Cover is available for an additional premium and will cover you if your vehicle is written off or stolen.

What is a Group B courtesy car?

∎ Courtesy car – A Group B (small standard private car) or PV1 (small car-derived van or similar) vehicle loaned to you by our approved repairer whilst the insured vehicle is being repaired after a valid claim under Section 2 of this insurance. It is not necessarily a like for like replacement of your vehicle.

What is a courtesy car from a dealership?

A courtesy car is a vehicle provided by a repair shop or dealership that you can drive temporarily, if your own car isn’t driveable. Those in the know sometimes refer to it as a ‘loaner car. ‘

Do Mercedes do courtesy cars?

Courtesy vehicles are driven by our service department customers while their current vehicle is in the shop. The advantage of purchasing a Mercedes-Benz courtesy vehicle is that they are discounted as if they were a pre-owned vehicle, but you can use Mercedes-Benz USA New Car incentives.

Do I get a courtesy car if mine is written off?

If your car is deemed a write off or is stolen and unrecovered, the courtesy car most likely would not be available because the car is not being repaired. If your car is an automatic, you may be provided with an automatic courtesy car.

Are courtesy cars free of charge?

A courtesy car is a car provided free of charge, usually by the repairer or dealership and is likely to be what is available at the time.

What is a Group A car?

Group A is a set of motorsport regulations administered by the FIA covering production derived vehicles intended for competition, usually in touring car racing and rallying. During the early years there were no further formula for production based race cars.

How do courtesy cars work?

A courtesy car is a vehicle provided by a garage, repair shop or your insurance company that you can use while your car is being repaired after an accident. Many car insurance policies offer cover to get a courtesy car as standard, but for some you will have to pay to for it as an extra feature.

What documents do I need for courtesy car?

The Courtesy Car form you use should contain a statement that confirms the customer has had the controls demonstrated to them….Courtesy Car Form

  • the customer’s name,
  • date of birth,
  • permanent address and address at the time of hire (if different), and.
  • full particulars of their driving license.

What is a courtesy car and do I need It?

Courtesy cars are often included as part of insurance depending on your level of cover. All of our comprehensive car insurance policies include a courtesy car as standard, as long as your car’s repairable and being repaired at one of our approved garages. Will I get a courtesy car if my car is repaired in my local garage?

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