What is a car insurance group number?

What is a car insurance group number?

Most new cars are assigned to an insurance group – a rating between 1 and 50* that indicates the level of risk as seen by the insurers. Insurers take many factors into account when setting premiums but with all else being equal, the lower the group number the lower the insurance premium should be.

What insurance group means?

Car insurance groups are broadly set by The Group Rating Panel and administered by Thatcham Research. These insurance groups range from group 1 (the cheapest cars to insure), all the way up to group 50 (the most expensive). Admiral considers these recommendations when calculating our car insurance prices.

How do insurance group numbers work?

Every car belongs to one of 50 car insurance groups, which band cars from the cheapest to the most expensive to insure. It starts with group one (the cheapest) and ends with group 50 (the most expensive) – and the more powerful, expensive and rarer your car, the higher the group it will be in.

What is a group number for health insurance?

Healthcare providers use the group number plus your member ID number to file claims for your care. If you purchase insurance through a healthcare exchange (the marketplaces set up by the Affordable Care Act, sometimes called “Obamacare”), you might not have a group number. There are many different kinds of health insurance plans.

How do I find out what insurance group my Car is in?

With our car insurance group checker, it’s easy to find out. Simply enter the details below and away you go. If you’re buying a new car or looking to renew your car insurance, it’s always handy to find out what insurance group your car is in. With our car insurance group checker, it’s easy to find out.

What do the different car insurance groups mean?

They score all makes and models of cars into 50 insurance groups. The higher the group, the higher your car insurance premium is likely to be. Cars in the higher groups tend to be top-of-the-range models, those that would be expensive to replace or repair, or those that are more often targeted by thieves.

How many numbers are in a car insurance policy number?

4 numbers and 1 letter, a space, 6 numbers. One letter followed by string of numbers. 10 digits total with a “PH” and two spaces in the middle. USAA account number followed by the letter “U” and a string of digits. As you can see, there isn’t a standard type of auto insurance policy number.